Enchanted Hand Mirror

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  • Enchanted Hand Mirror - Top
  • Enchanted Hand Mirror - Front
  • Enchanted Hand Mirror - Back

Ever wonder what your hand mirror would do if it were magic? If it's anything like ours, it will illuminate your face when you look into it (more for your observers sake than your own) and the whole thing would sparkle. This magical cosmetic appliance is not only used to feed your ego, and allow you to shoot targets over your shoulder like Annie Oakley, but the mirrored face actually illuminates with a super bright LED to make people think you're seeing magic images displayed in high def. All the while the whole thing twinkles in a magical way that looks as if it could be loaded with little LEDs. Which it is. Features include:

  • Beautiful hand sculpted details
  • Two way acrylic mirror face
  • Super bright LED in mirror to illuminate your beauty
  • Embeded fairy lights for that extra magical sparkle

Don't gaze too long at this beautiful prop...seriously, it could burn your retinas.

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