James and the Giant Peach Puppets

  • james and the giant peach puppets
Set of 5 puppets includes: Earthworm - A handheld puppet with a contracting tail that showcases his earthwormy charm and capabilities ;) Centipede - This big-eyed wonder comes alive on stage! He's full of energy and always on the move! Grasshopper - This long legged hopper is packed with personality and doesn't miss a beat. Lady Bug - A very proper hand puppet indeed. She bouces, flutters and makes your heart skip a beat. Spider - Uniquely creepy and just as beautiful, this 4 eyed fuzzy creature has crazy movable legs! Also available: The Rhino Head- Incredibly cool and not as dangerous as he looks! ​Shark Puppets - Set of 2, life like, light weight, 9' long and can swim on stage! ​Seagull Puppets - Set of 10, hand stitched seagulls with life like flying motions, placed atop poles and ready to take flight
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