Dragon Puppet for Shrek the Musical

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  • dragon puppet for Shrek the Musical
  • dragon puppet for Shrek the musical
  • Shrek Dragon Puppet

Dragon Puppet for Shrek the Musical 

LoLo the Dragon was created for StageWorthy Arts, a theatrical design studio in McKinney Texas (they ship nation wide!)  StageWorthy Arts is owned and operated by artist, Melissa Patrello who's studio creates one of a kind puppets, props and rentals for the stage.

LoLo is available to rent, easy to ship and has amazing stage presence! 

With wings that fly, eyes that bat and a mouth that moves, your audience will fall in love with this oversized flirt! 

She's light weight and easy to use and requires 4 puppeteers. 

Please email Melissa or Tiffany at : Rentals@stageworthyarts.com

and visit https://www.stageworthyarts.com  for additional photos and information! 

We ship Nation wide and will make the rental process easy for you!