Dragon Puppet Rental for Shrek the Musical

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  • Dragon Puppet Rental for Shrek the Musical
  • Shrek Dragon Puppet by StageWorthy Arts
  • Dragon Puppet for Shrek the Musical
  • Dragon Puppet by Melissa Patrello with StageWorthy Arts

Go to: StageWorthyArts.com or email rentals@stageworthyarts.com for availabilty and bookings

The Dragon Puppet for Shrek the Musical

Created by Melissa Patrello for StageWorthy Arts offering additional  Shrek Rentals to go with your Dragon Rental

The Dragon Puppet:

  • Light weight! Less than 40 lbs!
  •  Easy to set up and pack up and ship across the country
  • Comes with two pole harnesses and her own dragon stand for backstage storage
  • Needs only 4 puppeteers 
  • Almost 20 feet in length
  • The dragon is able to bat her big green light-up eyes, move her mouth and flap her bright pink wings! 

Be sure to book early to secure your Shrek Rentals and dates.

To book:

 email  Rentals@StageWorthyArts.com


Facebook.com/StageWorthy Arts

The Dragon -

2 week Dragon Rental - $1250 with additonal weeks at $625/wk

*With Dragon Rentals, additional Shrek Items are 25% OFF!

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