NEWSIES Props, Backdrop, Printing Press and Costumes

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  • Printing Press
  • Backdrop and deli tables
  • Backdrop and Legs

We are happy to offer many of the  props, set pieces and costumes required to produce NEWSIES from Staples Players in Westport, CT. Unique to our collection is a moving replica printing press made of wood - lightweight enough to move around on stage and yet very well made and sturdy. 

All prop rentals must be picked up at Staples High School in Westport, CT. Newspaper drops and legs can be shipped within the United States. 

Interested in renting or finding out more about what we can offer? Email Director David Roth at with questions. 


NEWSIES PROP RENTAL - Staples High School - FAQs

Please note that there is an $1200 MINIMUM ON ALL RENTALS

All Prop Rentals must be picked up in WESTPORT, CT. 




-Moving Printing Press

-Printing Press Table

-Tripod and Antique Camera on rolling stand

-8 Standable Newspaper Blocks

-6 Jacoby's Deli Tables

-20 Jacoby's Deli Chairs

-5 Candlestick Phones

-17 Newspaper (The World) Stacks

-32 Banner stacks (folded for passing around during ONCE AND FOR ALL)

-46 Banners (flat - thick and thin for holding up during ONCE AND FOR ALL)

-20 All Newspaper Bags

-3 Pulitzer side Chairs

-Pulitzer's Chair (High back leather)

-Katherine's desk

-Katherine's chair


Set pieces:

-Newsies 24' x 50' Backdrop

-4 Newsies LEGS


We also have an extensive collection of costume pieces from the show. Copy and paste link below to see additional photos.

Additional photos and information can be found here: