LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, Audrey II puppets for rent

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Swazzl'e provides a full set of Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II rental puppets. The rental includes:

  • Audrey II # 1 (hand puppet with wilting leaves)
  • Audrey II # 2 (large hand puppet with attached jacket and fake hand)
  • Audrey II # 3 (large costume/puppet that eats body parts, with large flower pot)
  • Audrey II # 4 (approximately 7 foot tall, free standing puppet that eats people, includes base and support poles)

This rental set also includes:

  • two wings with four flowers designed for the actors to put their heads through
  • several tiny Audrey II props for the finale.

Visit for instructional videos that demonstrate how to operate the different versions of Audrey II.

The Audrey II puppets travel as two units. The soft goods are packed in a large road case that measures 61 inches long by 61 inches wide and 37 inches tall. The base for Audrey II # 4 is mounted to a shipping pallet that measures 48 inches long, 32 inches wide and 32 inches tall.

We understand that theaters and schools have limited budgets for their theatrical productions therefore our puppets are very competitively priced. For pricing and availability please e-mail us at or call us 866-792-9953, please include the following information.

  • contact name
  • contact number
  • e-mail address
  • venue name
  • venue/shipping address
  • billing name
  • billing address
  • start date
  • end date

Shipping is additional, we can ship the puppets internationally. Local pick-up is available for venues in Southern California.

Partial Client List

Signature Productions (Summerlin Library Performing Arts Center, NV), C.E. Byrd High School (Shreveport, LA), Pottsboro High School (Pottsboro, TX), Albion Middle School (Albion, NY), Daleko Arts (New Prauge, MN), Cobalt Institute of Math and Science (Victorville, CA), Springfield Local Drama Club (New Middletown OH), Highstreet Arts Center (Moorpark, CA), TADA Theatre, The Lied Center, (Lincoln NE), YaYa's Performance Academy (Long Beach, CA), Watchung Hills Regional High School (Warren, NJ), East Hamilton High School, (Ooltewah, TN). Sandusky High School, (Sandusky, MI), Fairmont Prep Academy Theatre, (Anaheim, CA)