Lion King Jr. Costumes

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The Lion King Jr. Costumes and Puppets for Rent from The Red Phoenix Theatre Company located near Atlanta, GA. Multiple sizes and adjustable sizes available. For rental info/pricing, please email us. 

We prefer the items to be picked up, but are open to the possibility of Shipping. We usually do about two week rentals but are also open and flexible to all rental types. Please email a list of items you need for the best price quote possible and the dates needed so we can make sure the items are available. See photos at


We have the following items available for rental.


1 Rafiki Costume with hat, necklace, and scarf size Small/Medium

1 Mufasa costume with headpiece size Large

1 young Simba costume Small

1 Adult Simba costume with headpiece size Small/Medium

1 young Nala costume Small

1 Adult Nala costume size Small/Medium

1 Scar costume & headpiece size M/L

1 Sarabi costume & headpiece Medium

1 Pumba costume/Puppet - Size M/L

2 Timon costume/Puppet - Size Small/Medium

1 Blue Zazu costume & Puppet- Costume size Small/Medium 

2 Giraffe costumes 

2 Zebra costumes 

3-4 small white bird costumes

10 Lioness costumes

3 Lead Hyena costumes/Puppets

15+ Hyena ears & costumes

Spirit Dancer Light Up costumes and Light Up Crown pieces

Silly Animal Costumes for Just Can't Wait to be King include costume/ Mask: Alligator, Monkey, Zebra

8-10 Flower/Plant costumes for Can you feel the love tonight



1 Rafiki staff

1 Scar Staff

10+Water Buffalo Head Shields for Stampede

Antelope puppets for Arms 

1 furry rat

1 large pole with fabric vulture

Mufasa Face for He Lives in You

*Puppets mentioned with costumes: Pumbaa, Timon, Zazu