Newsies Scenic/Prop/Costume Package

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Theater by Design is offering a complete Newsies scenic, prop and costume package.  Original costume design by Sara Brookes and Noel Jordan.  Original set and prop design by Jeremy Whittington and George Green. Produced for The Public Theater, San Antonio, Texas.   

Full scenery and prop package $4000 for 10 days, add $1000 per week after. Scenic/prop rental also includes projections and animations required for the production. Complete costume collection can be added for just $1600 more for 40+ costumes for 10 days, add $10 per costume per week after.  Rent all costumes and scenery/props and save an extra $200 off total rental. More photos available to view at 

Included: industrial backdrop, 2 large office windows, fly in 22 ft bridge with rails, ladders, 4 platforms, 2 large window units attached to two platforms, Medda's proscenium, Medda's backstage flyrail, Jack's landscapes, Printing press, 3 large rolling carts of newspapers, The World gate, 3 danceable tables with 16 chairs, Katherine's desk and typewriter, Pulitzers desk and 3 chairs, all props.

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