Legally Blonde Costumes, Props, Sets, Tracks for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Legally Blonde Costumes, Props, and Sets for rent in Los Angeles, CA

We can ship costumes and props, but sets must be picked up in San Dimas, CA. We usually do two week rentals and ask $75 for lead and principal looks (top, bottom, wig, accessories) and $25 for minor character costumes per two week blocks, but are willing to work with your budget. Sets are $100-$300 each. Please email a list of items you need for the best price quote possible. Contact Kristina Keener Ivy at 626-675-4439 or See photos at


And videos at

Backdrops came from Grosh.


We have the full accompaniment tracks available for purchase via digital download.


We have the following items available:


2 Pink “this is perfect” Elle dresses size 2-6

2 Blonde Elle Wigs

1 Brown Vivianne Wig

1 Pink leader of the band costume with matching pink hat size s-m

1 Pink Playboy Bunny Costume size s-m

1 Maroon Harvard T-shirt for Emmett size L

20 Orange Prison Jumpsuits

100 Green, white, black Celtic cheer uniforms sizes s-xl

100+ Green, black, gold “South Hills” marching band uniforms & hats with feathers

1 Brown UPS Uniform with “Kyle B O’Boyle” nametag size M

20 Black Graduation robes – 6 gold stoles (various sizes)

15 Native American Costumes

Various Christmas Nativity Costumes

2 Chutney Curly wigs

1 Chutney costume



Violin for restaurant

Food for restaurant

“Snaps for Elle” laminated card & puffy pen


Golf hole and flag

50 electric candles

1 Law book in cellophane

1 Harvard Pennant

30 Electric glow sticks

50 Old Style Books

2 Harvard Signs (3’x6’)

2 Rolling clothing racks with men’s clothing

1 large flower box

20 Jump Ropes

1 Wired jump rope

1 pink ring box

1 wooden ring box

1 Judges gavel




6 long benches and three heights for law class and court room

Department Store doors that open (white velvet with gray velvet door – also rolls)

Large Harvard Doors (roll and are two pieces)

2 Large Tables for Harvard & Office

3 café tables with black folding chairs for restaurant

1 archway for restaurant

Dewey Trailer/Interior of Salon rolling platform with two walls

Salon wall/Elle’s room interior rolling platform with two walls

Small table for Elle’s room with pink garbage can and stuff for the desk

1 Podium with sign for Paulette’s Salon

3 Hair dryer chairs (2 brown and 1 black)

1 Hair Cutting Chair (black)

1 Brown Hair Dresser Station for curling irons and hair dryers

5 sets of Jail Bars

1 Judges Stand/Bathroom with Toilet

1 large shower

1 Stenographer rolling platform with table and typewriter