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We are a non-profit in Los Angeles, CA. We can ship costumes and props, but sets must be picked up in San Dimas, CA. We usually ask $75-$150 for lead looks (top, bottom, wig, accessories) and $25-$40 for minor character costumes per two week blocks, but are willing to work with your budget. Sets are $100-$300. Please email with a list of items you are requesting for best price quote. Contact us for availability. Top Billing Entertainment 626-675-4439 Full tracks also available via digital download.

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Sets & Props

Darling House

3 twin bed frames (no mattresses)

2 large chests

1 antique rocking horse

1 large doll house with remote control tink light – 3 porcelain dolls

2 large windows that open out

2 small window frames (hung from baton bove)

1 antique red rocking chair

Fireplace with grate

1 jar with remote control tink light

1 small tricycle

1 teddy bear for Micheal

1 white feather at and white feather boa for Wendy

1 black umbrella for John

1 medicine bottle with cork stopper

2 Nutcracker toys for boys

1 old bristle brush

1 long feather duster

3 Tiffany lamps

3 quilts for beds

(Doghouse, armoire, alphabet blocks, Micheal’s chest, small pirate ship toy no longer available)


4 large hollow trees

Mysterious lady black lace shawl and fan, long black lace fabric

Pirate ship

Ship stern and wheel

4 benches

1 large chest

3 metal swords with belt loop hilt attachment

Random pirate instruments including accordion, horns, wooden flute, ukuleles

10+ plastic swords

2 plastic blunderbuss guns

4 long ropes, 4 short ropes

Home Underground

Lincoln log house for Wendy, large leaves, flowers

Fur and brown blankets

Rope hammock for Peter

2 wooden brown chairs

1 small cradle

Bundles of blankets for lost boys

20+ bows and arrows

Medicine bottle, pipe, Peter’s slippers, kid made newspaper

We used the back of the fireplace from Darling House for Peter’s hearth

Small gold chair and tapestry with battery powered green lights for Tink’s tree

Large drum for Tigerlilly

Adult Wendy’s House

Victrola record player with records on small circular table with white table cloth



Crocodile and Nana Dog were rented from Theatre Company in Upland

Darling Family

Mrs. Darling size xl Formal Dress and kimono robe, brown wig, gloves

Mr. Darling size s and xl, black tail coat with attached black vest, gray cravat, gray top hat, blue robe

Wendy size s-l – white nightgown, white pantaloons, acron necklace, blue bow

Michael child s-l – blue polka dot onesie (no wig available)

John size s-l – blue stripe night shirt, white thermal pants, brown slippers size 8, black top hat, round glasses, brown wig

Liza sizem-xl – black long sleeve ruffle shirt, black long skirt, white half apron with lace, white hat, pocket watch necklace

Jane size s-l – blue nightgown

Adult Wendy size s-m – formal dress, brown wig

Lost Boys

1 Peter Pan size s-m – top, short, boots size 7.5, belt, small metal dagger attached to belt, pouch for fairy dust, brown wig, optional green hat

40 + Lost Boys sizes child xs-l, adult s-xl -  brown shirt, brown pants, fur vest or poncho, fur hat or leaf crown hat, 4 lace on fur pieces for arms and legs. Lead lost boys the same under garments and accessories

1 white rabbit hat and white vest

1 black bear hat and vest

2 raccoon hats and fur vests with tails attached

1 red fox hat and red fur vest with tail attached

1 skunk hat and black vest with skunk tail


Captain Hook size m-xl, red coat, black sash, black hat, pirate boots size 10, plastic hook, metal sword on belt, wig but no mustache available

Female Smee size s-m – blue and white stripe puff shirt, red corset with half skirt attached, black puff pants, red crochet hat with tassel, black lace up boots size 9  

Male Smee size s-xl – blue and white button-up shirt, dark blue poof pants, red sash belt, red crochet hat with tassel, black lace up boots size 9 

Male Pirates sizes s-xl – red and white striped shirts, black or brown poof pants, white poof shirts with black or red vests, pirate hats, red head kerchiefs, belts, red sashes, boots

Female Pirates sizes s-xl - red and white striped shirts, black, brown or red skirts, white poof shirts with black, brown or red vests or corsets, pirate hats, red head kerchiefs, belts, red sashes


2 white Tiger Lilly costumes (size xs-m) top, skirt

10+ female native costumes (size xs-xl) light brown colors top and skirt

10+ male native costumes (sizes xs-xl) light brown colors top and pants


8 Mermaid long tails sizes xs-xl

10+ short mermaid tails sizes xs-m

10+ sequin shell tank tops sizes xs-xl

7 shell crowns

3 shell headbands


3 blue tutu costumes sizes s-xl with mask and blue feathers

2 red tutu costumes sizes s-xl with mask and red feathers


Ribbon sticks, swing flags

2 Child Tinkerbell costumes size child s & xl – green tutu dress, wings, flower crown, all with battery lights

Other fairies Purple, Blue, Pink, Yellow, White size child xs – l, tutu dress, wings, flower crown, all with battery lights