Hairspray Costumes, Sets, Props, Tracks for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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We are a non-profit based in Los Angeles, CA and are willing to work with your budget. Contact Top Billing Entertainment at 626-675-4439 or

Hairspray rentals. We have everything in the photos except the Hairspray can, brown couch in Motormouth’s scene, Velma and Seaweed’s Costumes. Photos at

See videos at

We also have the full tracks for $500 delivered by digital download. For costumes we usually ask $15-$25 per look for two week blocks. For best price please email us a detailed full list of all the items you need.

All of Tracy’s costumes size 2xl & wig

All of Edna’s costumes & wigs size 4xl

20+ Nicest Kids Costumes for Males & Females (size xs-xl)

20 Petticoats of various colors, lengths, and widths

10+ Wigs for Girls and Boys

20+ PPHS Gym Uniforms

20+ Poor Citizens of Baltimore Costumes (sizes xs-xl)

4 Police Uniforms with Blue Lights on helmets

5 Blue and Pink Dynamite Dresses

All the sets and signs pictured

All the props include 2 Corny Collins microphones, Beauty Pageant Crown, record player, 3 school desks, blackboard, hot dog cart, old timey phone, more than listed here.