High School Musical Costumes, Props, & Tracks for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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We are a non-profit located in Los Angeles, CA and are willing to work with all budgets. Here is a SHORT list of the items we have for rent for High School Musical. We usually rent in two week blocks and ask $15-$50 for leads and $15-$30 for minor characters. Props are $5-$40. To get the best price possible please email a detailed list of items you need.

Contact Kristina Keener Ivy for more details (amounts and sizes) at 626-675-4439 or kkivy@topbillingent.org

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Red & White EHS Cheerleader Uniforms

Red Skirts: 1 xs, 2 smalls, 3 mediums, 5 large, 1 xl

Red Shorts: 1 xs, 2 smalls, 3 mediums, 5 large, 1 xl

Tops: 1 xs, 4 small, 5 medium, 2 large

10 sets of red/white pom-poms

Red & White Wildcat Basketball Uniforms:

Shorts: 3 small, 3 medium, 3 large, 1 XXL

Jerseys: 1 M Bolton #14 on back, 1 M Danforth #8 on back, 1 xl Baylor #22 on back, 1 xs, 2 small, 3 medium, 1 large various numbers but no names on back.

3 Black "Scrimmage" Jerseys

3 White & Black Opposing Team Jerseys

3 Red Wildcat Sweat suits - 2 medium, 1 XL

1 Red Coach Wildcat Jacket & Matching Hat

Various Ryan & Sharpay outfits including Ryan's pink pageboy hat. Various Darbus outfits and props, especially her gong.