Legally Blonde (Costumes, Sets, Props, Tracks)

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Legally Blonde Costumes, Props, and Sets for rent in Los Angeles, CA

Due to rising transportation costs we can no longer ship costumes cost effectively out of the state of California. For an optional extra fee we can deliver and pick up items within a 20 mile radius of Pomona, CA. We usually do two week rentals and ask $75-$100 for lead and principal looks (top, bottom,
wig, accessories) and $45 for minor character costumes per two week blocks, but are
willing to work with your budget. Sets are $100-$300 each. Please email a detailed list
of items you need for the best price quote possible. Contact Kristina Keener Ivy at
626-675-4439 or

Legally Blonde 2023 videos:





  • Cheer Uniforms, sizes AXS-AXL
  • Prison Jumpsuits, sizes AS-AL
  • Graduation Caps and Gowns w/ tassels, sizes AXS-AXL
  • Band Uniforms w/ hats, sizes AXM-AXL
  • Police Officer uniforms, size YL-AL
  • Pilot Uniform, size YL
  • 2 Pink Opening Elle dresses, size XS
  • Elle over-dress and cardigan, size XS
  • Bunny costume, includes pink corset, shorts, wrist cuffs, bunny ears, bunny tail, size XS
  • Pink courtroom dress,size  XS
  • Navy blue Elle dress,size XS
  • Pink Harvard Tank Top
  • Emmet corduroy jacket, size AXS
  • Emmet suit, includes shirt, pants, jacket, and tie, size AXS
  • Warner school outfit, size AS
  • Warner date outfit, size AS
  • Warner suit, includes shirt, pants, jacket, and tie,size AS
  • Callahan suits, includes shirts, pants, jackets, and ties,size AS
  • Paulette outfit with jean skirt, size AXS
  • Paulette full denim outfit,size AXS
  • Brooke courtroom suit, size AS
  • Kyle UPS outfit, includes shirt, hat, name tag, and shorts, size AM
  • Enid army fatigues, size AXS
  • Enid power suit, size AXS
  • Winthrop harvard professor suit, size AS
  • Lowell harvard professor suit, size YL
  • Pforzheimer harvard professor suit, size AS
  • Delta Nu pastel outfits tops and buttons, sizes AS-AL
  • Delta Nu greek chorus white outfits tops and bottoms, AS-AL



  • “Snaps for Elle” giant cards (2)
  • Various tables & table settings for restaurant in serious
  • Garden arch
  • 40 small battery powered candles for delt nus
  • 3 Department store clothing racks
  • College books
  • Backpacks
  • Various party attire for what you want, leis, glasses, hats, ect.
  • Kate’s stopwatch
  • Park bench
  • Large rolling double doors for harvard
  • 6 Court Benches
  • Judge's podium, set as a bathroom with a toilet on opposite side for scene of the crime
  • Desk for Elle/Paulette’s Salon station
  • 3 salon hair drying chairs
  • Hair cutting capes
  • Salon cashier station with phone
  • Hair salon tools, towels
  • Rolling bar for Vivienne party
  • Red couch
  • Various bottles and cups for harvard party
  • Various dressings for Elle’s room, hair products/tools, nail polish, trash can, bags, ect.
  • Pom poms for Delta Nu’s in chip on your shoulder
  • Various thanksgiving meal trays for chip on your shoulder
  • Various christmas nativity costumes for chip on your shoulder
  • Pink polka dot suitcase for Elle
  • Bone-shaped rufus birthday cake
  • Various clothing for department store racks
  • Perfume bottles and trays for department store
  • Department store doors/dressing room doors
  • Typewriter for court stenographer
  • Gold thong for Nicos uniform
  • 6+ champagne glasses
  • Small American flag for Legally Blonde remix
  • Bathtub/shower for scene of the crime
  • 2 Harvard banners
  • 2 Ring boxes for warner proposal and elle proposal (no ring)



  • Delta Nu house backdrop (windows cut out) 20' h x 40' w
  • Harvard/courtroom backdrop 20' h x 40' w
  • Outside harvard backdrop 20' h x 40' w
  • Rolling platform with wall and door, doubles as inside of salon/supply closet and  outside Dewey’s trailer 4 x8
  • Second rolling platform for interior salon, no door 4 x 8
  • Rolling platform with walls for Elle’s room 4 x8

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