Little Mermaid Costumes, Sets, Props, Tracks for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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We have costumes, props, tracks and some sets for rent in Los Angeles, CA for "The Little Mermaid" 

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Contact Kristina Keener Ivy for more details at 626-675-4439 or We usually rent in two week blocks and ask $100-$150 for full look for lead costumes, $15-$25 per look for ensemble costumes. To get the best price please email me with a complete list of items you need (amounts and approx. sizes) and your budget. Sets and large costumes cannot be shipped out of California.

We had a cast of 140 kids ages 4-27 and all sizes. All cast members were under sea creatures, lagoon creatures, and humans in the castle. 4 Backdrops are available 40' x 20' 


Ariel with pull away long tail, matching bike shorts for leg transformation and bra top or corset top, wig with star fish; bag and rope dress; blue skirt with white puff shirt, black corset; pink dress for dinner scene; movie pink dress for contest scene; white wedding dress size s-m

Eric - blue & white suit from movie, white pirate shirt, blue pantaloons, tall pirate boots, red sash sizes s-l

Triton gold tail with armor, wig, sea shell crown, trident size l-xxl

Flounder – yellow and blue bike helmet with fin, blue water robe base and blue gloves size child m-adult l

Ursula purple gown with black top, tentacles, wig, light up shell, green gloves  size m-xxl

4 Green Eels - robe with battery operated el light, 4 green Mohawk wigs, black gloves (does not come with black undergarments) sizes adult xs-l

Sebastian - red suit with pinchers and small legs attached, red fedora hat with eyes - sizes s-l

Scuttle - White feather pantaloons, white feather top, vest with pockets, baseball hat with aviator goggles - size m-xxl (does not come with orange & black tights)

Grimsby - brown formal outfit and blue/gold formal outfit, colonial hat, brown or white colonial wig available, tall pirate boots sizes m-xl

Carlotta - purple top, long white skirt with flower pattern, matching hat, bun wig available in orange or gray sizes s-xl


Sea Costumes

6 Mersisters – see photos, long tails, wigs, shell crowns sizes xs-xl

8 Mermaids – short tails, simple shell tops, poofy hats sizes xs-xl

5 small red lobsters – hat with eyes, pincher claw gloves, tie over top (does not come with red long sleeve shirt or black pants) sizes child m-adult l

9 skinny fish – various colors, zip up leotard with fin on back and head with eyes, sizes child s-l

15 female water dancers – blue shredded skirts, blue flowy tie-dyed top, pink head scarf with feathers – sizes s-xl

9 male water dancers – blue shredded pants, blue tie-dye shirts, pink head scarfs sizes x-xl

8 blue female color guard dancer costumes – blue and black sequin leotard with attached ballet skirts, blue netted shirt, pink head scarf with feathers sizes s-xl

2 Pink Seahorses – head piece, tail, pink sequin pants, silver sequin top sizes adult s-l

2 Sea Anemones – orange and blue (we used skinny fish costume inside) size s-l

2 Jelly Fish – pink and yellow dress with jellyfish umbrella sizes adult xs-s

6 Sea Cucumbers – blue shiny gowns with silver sequin tank top and shiny show girl fountain head piece sizes s-xl

4 Adult Silver Shark Guardsmen – silver tail skirt, silver armor (chest plate, arm covers and helmet), gray long sleeve t-shirt sizes s-xxl

6 child sharks – zip up full costume with tail and head sizes s-l

6 child tiger shark - zip up full costume with tail and head sizes s-l

4 child pink octopi - shiny pink long sleeve leotard, pink tentacles and tutu, shiny hat with eyes child s-xl

11 Flounder Fish – various colors bike helmets with fin, blue water robe base and blue gloves sizes child s-adult l

8 child star fish – silver and red star fish heads with blue water robe base and blue gloves sizes child s-adult l

15 corals – multi-colored Chiquita banana costumes with coral backpack piece and head band sizes s-xxl

1 large water costume – flowy blue fabric size xxl

Land Costumes

10 Seagulls - White feather pantaloons, white feather top, vest with pockets, baseball hat with aviator goggles - size m-xxl (does not come with orange & black tights)

Pilot – red velvet jacket, gold trim, colonial hat, white pants with red stripe sizes s-l

Sailors - 15 red and white stripped tops with circular hats, 10 white shirts with blue scarf tie, 3 navy sailor tops, 7 blue tops with white poof sleeves, 30 blue sweat pant bottoms, 1 full jumper with blue stripe top sizes child, 20 red head scarves m-adult xl

Chef Louis – yellow chef top, large chef hat, blue/black/white pants, white apron, tall black boots, large black mustache, santa belly size m-xl

29 Maids – black and white dress with gold shawl and white head puff sizes xs-xl

15 Chefs – White chef top, gold pants, white chef hat sizes s-xl

8 Disney Princess Costumes or White Gowns for the Contest – see photos, sizes s-xl

15 child white gowns – flower girl gowns sizes s-xl

15 adult white gowns – sizes s-xl



Lagoon Costumes

2 Adult Flamingos – shiny pink long sleeve leotard, pink tutu with feathers, head band sizes s-l

4 Baby Flamingos - shiny pink long sleeve leotard, pink tutu with feathers, head band sizes child s-xl

9 White shiny bird costumes – multicolored dance dress, small white wings, feather head band sizes s-l

15 Toucans - multi-colored Chiquita banana costumes, feather tail on a belt, baseball hat with eyes and feathers sizes s-xxl

12 Brown Male Trees – brown pants and shirt with brown long vests with tree branches and tree head bands

15 green female lily pads – green and black sequin leotard with skirt and shredded arm pieces attached, lily pad head band sizes s-xl

9 Firefly Costumes – white and light blue sheer fabric with light blue shirt, battery operated lights inside and white pearl headband sizes s-xl

10 child turtle costumes – plushy turtle shell and headband (does not come with black pants or long sleeve green shirts) sizes xs-l

15 child frog costumes – green fedora with eyes, 10 green tutus for girls 6 pantaloons with green vests for boys (does not come with long sleeve green shirts) sizes s-xl




Dory & Nemo fish on extendable sticks

Pipe that blows bubbles and powder

Trident with glowing el lights

Ursula’s contract

Spyglass and pirate map

Small row boat with oars

Table with four formal chairs

5 large fish, 1 skeleton fish, plastic knives and cooking tools

4 formal dinner plates with crabs

15 food plates and wooden mixing bowls

20 feather fans

10 bubble guns

2 large ropes

More than are listed here, let us know what you need and we may have it



Sailing ship with wheel and 2 rope ladders

Ursula’s ball and 6 bone whale ribs

Ariel rock 4’ wide x 6’ long x 4’ high

4 Backdrops 40' x 20'

Various coral stair and rolling pieces – see photos. Ariel’s grotto and hanging coral was sold