Music Man Costumes, Props, Tracks for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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We are a non-profit located in Los Angeles, CA and are willing to work with all budgets. Due to rising transportation costs we can no longer ship costumes cost effectively out of the state of California. For an optional extra fee we can deliver and pick up items within a 20 mile radius of Pomona, CA. Here is a SHORT list of the items we have for rent for Music Man. We usually rent in two week blocks and ask $75-$150 for leads full looks and $15-$30 for minor characters full looks. Props are $5-$40. To get the best price possible please email a detailed list of items you need. For the full show tracks we usually ask $500 and deliver by digital download. 

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Contact Kristina Keener Ivy for more details (amounts and sizes) at 626-675-4439 or



Marion - various looks including white dress sizes s-xl

Harold Hill - various suits, band conductor jacket and hat (not reversable) size m

30+ gowns in various sizes child-adult

30+ suits in various sizes adult

10+ knickerbockers & vests for boys sizes s-l

6 boater hats

various top hats, mens hats, Newsies hats & ladies hats

4 quartet striped vests

Statue of Libery Costume size m

20+ Native America Costumes

We don't have the kid band uniforms anymore



Pool table box that become a frame for the farmer and wife bit

Suitcase with Harold Hill on it

Carpet bag with weigh inside

50+ old timey books

10+ porcelain tea cups and saucers

2 large tables

various benches

small rolling bookcase

20+ band instruments

rocking chair

half circle bench for town square

4 Wooden Chairs


We don't have sets or large peices anymore. Backdrops came from Grosh.

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