Wizard of OZ Costumes, Props, Sets, Tracks for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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We are a non-profit and are will to work with all budgets. We usually rent in two week blocks and as $25/minor characters and $75-$150 for lead characters. $100-$300 for sets. Best thing to do is get us a detailed list of the items you need so we can get you the best cost estimate. Here is a SHORT list of the items we have for rent. See photos at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1002376266474473.1073741847.137677136277728&type=3

Contact Kristina Keener Ivy at 626-675-4439 or kkivy@topbillingent.org

All items (costumes, props, and sets) for rent except the backdrops which came from Grosh and Theatre World Backdrops. Flying effects by ZFX. Rainbow, storm, wizard machine video projections for rent as well. Full rehearsal tracks for sale via digital download for $300. 


2 Dorothy Dresses in brown, blue, and green sizes small and medium, ruby slippers size 8.5

Lion size XL

Tin Man Size L

Scarecrow Size XL

Yellow Brick Road Costume

1 Glinda Pink Dress size M, crown, wand and bubble sash

1 Gulch Dress, Black Witch Dress, Gultch Bike with Basket

1 Professor Costume, with Swami Hat, Case, Crystal Ball, and Wagon

1 Wizard Costume with Large Hat

1 Faux Toto with basket

1 Green Gatekeeper Costume size L

13 Trees

20 Small Animals

15 Poppies

20+ Kansas Farm Costumes

20+ Munchkins with wigs and hats

5 Crows

30+ Green Ozian costumes youth to adult sizes

10 Red Winkie Costumes

15 Flying Monkey Costumes 

13 Snowflake blue & white dresses, 5 white male outfits

10 Torando Costumes with ribbon dancer battons




Munchkin House

Tin Man Shack


OZ Doorkeeper Doors



Turn Back Sign


Professor Balloon (can be rigged to the actor to fly)

Witches crystal ball on platform & hour glass

Ruby slippers on feet

Farm baskets & tools

Munchkin flower umbrellas

Row Boat

Professor awards (scroll, heart, cross)