DISNEY'S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Scenery, Furniture and Props

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  • Beauty and the Beast  - SCENERY AND PROPS FOR RENT


This award wining magnificant designed scenery is built to be installed into medium to large theaters. This design can go into theater that have fly space OR no fly space. See the set's magic, wherever it goes, the production sells out!  Our design is very flexible and can fit many theaters.  Many more scenes not shown, including a great Be Our Guest Vegas Look, More Village House, Belle's Wellhouse, Castle Door, Exterior Balcony, and Batltlment for Battle Scene. A huge amount of scenery, that ships in one truck. Includes all the props as well!  Visit our website for more information, see below.

To get a quote, please visit our website at www.VanceEntertainment.comand "request a quote" or call us at either our West Coast location (714)- 992 - 0710 or our East Coast location at 704-342-5885 and talk to our sales staff about booking this amazing set!