Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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  • Boris and Goran can hide behind it.
  • Coggin's Garage

We have pretty much everything you need to help make your show a huge success, even Chitty.

We are looking to get rid of these things as soon as possible, as we do not have any place to store these items here.  Please act fast!

Some of the items we have are:

  1. Grandpa's outhouse
  2. the Baron's birthday cake
  3. an old, run down Chitty
  4. Truly's "motorbike"
  5. the toybox
  6. and many more things

(Chitty did actually move, but a part needs to be replaced, but we found out too late in the game.  However, it still lights up, the wheels move, the wings extend out, and so much more!)

Contact me and I will send you a link to a video I created that will show you everything on stage with the actors.