Disney's Frozen, Jr. Costume Rental

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Wild Horse Children’s Theater has custom built costumes for Disney’s Frozen Jr for rent from our November 2019 production.

We will work with your company and budget and we have full or partial rental packages.  Costumes include Young, Middle and Older Anna and Elsa (with beautiful transformation costume!), Townspeople, Kristoff, Oaken, Oaken Family, Hidden Folk, Snow Chorus, wearable Sven & Olaf, and more!   We are not a costume house and our costumes were built for our actors, but renters can temporarily modify costumes to fit your actors.  Our cast was ages 5-18 and we had over 100 young actors so we have many sizes to choose from!

Contact us at whctonstage@gmail.com.org for more information.


You can view a video of our costumes at this link:  https://spark.adobe.com/video/z0iQwwm5IE1ud