Frozen, Jr. Costumes for Rent

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Wild Horse Children's Theater in Carson City, NV. has custom made Frozen, Jr. costumes for rent.  Rentals for entire show, principal costumes only, or whatever you need for your production!  We also have accessories and wigs!  Elsa's costume transforms easily in about 10 seconds!  

We are not a costume house and costumes were built for our actor's specific measurements.  Alternations CAN BE made to the costumes to fit your actors in any way that can be easily restore to their original condition, but cannot be altered in any permanent way.  All costumes must be returned to their orginal size/condtion before shiping back to WHCT.   Ensemble costumes were built in a variety of sizes and were built with rentals in mind.

Contact us for rental costs.  WHCT will pay one way shipping and renting company is responsible for return shipping.  The cost of cleaning the costumes after your production will be also covered by WHCT and included in the rental cost.

For a costume plot, sizes and additional information, send an email to WHCTONSTAGE@GMAIL.COM. Additional photos can be viewed at: