Tarzan Ape Costumes

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We have 28 complete gorilla costumes - 4 leads, complete with wigs. The rental runs 2250, depending on how many costumes you need. We normally rent for two weeks,but if avaialble, can extend to four  weeks, no charge. Kerchak and Kala's wigs were built by a designer in Chicago who works for Steppenwolf and the Lyric Opera, as well as Tarzan's wig (with mic space), built by the same wig builder. We have 24 total ensemble gorillas - some unisex, some mens, and some womens (that could be mens). When I first decided to do Tarzan, I looked for a rental myself - many were 4- 5k and I didn't feel that the costumes looked well made or worth the investment. Ours are made by an equity costumer whom I have worked with before who is meticulous when it comes to detail - each costume is  hand sewn and the "fur" is ALL over the costume and looks incredible when the costumes move onstage - we could not have been more pleased. We paid for extremely high quality costumes, and it has been a joy to rent them to others so that they can enjoy them. Everyone who has rented them have said that they would also be happy to talk with any future renters! More pictures available. Please contact rmarianetti@elmhurst205.org for more information.