Willy Wonka Jr. Costumes

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Costume set includes:

16 Oompa Loompa costumes (white pants with suspenders, orange shirts, orange hats with green yarn ball, striped green/white socks) [youth medium-ladies' small]

6 chef aprons and 6 chef hats

14 Squirrel costumes (squirrel hats and tunics with tails) [children's sizes 4-10]

13 Candy Man Kid costumes (8 girls - dresses and hairbows, and 5 boys - vests and hats) [children's sizes 4-10]

Candy Man costume (hat and apron)

Violet Beauregarde costume (blue inflatable suit, blue dress, and red belt)

Willy Wonka costume (striped shirt, gold bowtie, green pants, purple coat, purple floral vest, top hat, and cane)

5 pairs painted TV goggles

**Most other costumes pictured are available as well, and you can inquire their inclusion through email or quote request.**


$800 for 2-week rental (Thats's less than 20.00 per costume)
Additional week - $200
Renter must cover all shipping costs.

Purchase quote available upon request

Contact directly at  behindtheseams.costumepropshop@gmail.com