Frozen Jr. Costume Rental

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Frozen Inventory 


20 skirts (waist bands up to 36 inches) additional smaller sizes available

20 ladies style vests (up to 38 inches)additional smaller sizes available

5 knickers (up to 36 waist)additional smaller sizes available

5 standard vests (up to 34 inches) additional smaller sizes available

26 shirts (various sizes up to 42 inches)

 Snow dancers 

12 white unitards (from youth 12 to adult large)

20 blue ice skirts (elastic up to 34 inches)

6 sets of silver wings

 Summer dancers 

6 yellow tees (youth med to adult small)

6 blue tees (youth large)

6 sailor collars

6 sailor hats

12 colored beachcomber hats

12 colorful leis

12 pairs of white cropped pants sized up to ladies small.

Hidden folk  22

22 hats

22 capes (one size)

22 fringed shirts (up to adult large)

22 cropped pants (up to 36 waist elastic)

 Oaken's family 10

10 sweaters sizes (kids 8 to adult small)

10 pairs of tall socks in matching colors

10 pairs of short knickers (up to 36 waist elastic)

10 hats

Named characters

Young Anna dress (up to kids 10-12)

Young Elsa dress (up to kids 10-12)

Middle Anna skirt and vest (kids 10-14)

Middle Elsa skirt and vest (kids 10-12) 

Anna coronation green skirt, black bodice (med- large youth)

Anna coronation green skirt, black bodice (small adult up to ladies 4)

Anna ribbon crown, crinoline

Anna travel , shirt, dress and cape and hat. (up to ladies 6)

Elsa coronation dress with snap breakaway option, gloves, cape,  (up to ladies 8)

Elsa blue/green ice queen dress (up to ladies 7/8)

Hans jacket (large up to 38 chest)

Hans jacket (small up to 30 chest)

Kristoff, shirt, tunic,  pants, belt, gloves, hat, boot covers (fits up to 36 chest and waist )

Olaf puppeteer Blue pants, jacket, shirt and hat (fits up to adult small)

Sven costume pants shirt vest headpiece and gloves and boot covers (fits up to adult med)

King Jacket with sash (large up to 38 chest)

King small (up to boys 16)

Queen skirt, shirt and vest (up to ladies 8)

Weslton Jacket and pants (up to boys 32)

Bishop hat,  cape in 2 lengths

4 house keeper aprons one size

3 butler vests and pants


Total 100+ costume package $2500 for 2 1/2 week rental (18 days)

Minimum of 30 costumes at $1800 (each additional costume is $45 each over the first 30)

Add an Olaf puppet for additional $150 for the same 2 1/2 week rental

2 sizes of Olaf hand puppets available  30 inches or 36 inches (same price)


Contact me directly at with questions or inquiry