Check...mate - Now MyMTI Customers Can Pay with Electronic Checks!

Check...mate - Now MyMTI Customers Can Pay with Electronic Checks!

Pay by electronic check using MyMTI on MTIShows.comWe listened to your feedback, and we're happy to announce another easy way for you to do business with MTI.  Now, all customers who use the MyMTI Account function on can pay for licenses, materials and any open order with an electronic check.

Benefits of Using MyMTI to Handle Your Business Transactions

Depending upon your level of access as defined by your Organization, here is just a sample of what you can do with your MyMTI Account:

  • Update all your customer information (including addresses, phone numbers,etc.)

  • Apply for a license or perusal - you can receive your offer by email in as little as 30 minutes, and perusal script orders usually ship within 24 hours

  • Edit your shipping and billing information

  • Check on the status of your license applications

  • Find out when your materials will ship (and track them!)

  • Make sure your materials have been returned and checked in

  • View outstanding invoices


How to Pay by Electronic Checks

Pay by check using MyMTI on MTIShows.comAfter logging in to your MyMTI account, and once you've finished your selections, simply use the drop down menu to select your payment method.

Pay by check using the MyMTI feature on MTIShows.comNext, you'll be asked to select the "Account Type" from the drop down menu.  You will also be asked to provide the name of the bank as well as the "Bank Routing Number" and the "Bank Account Number."  As you can see from the screenshot, the "Bank Routing Number" and the "Bank Account Number" can be found on any of your checks.

If you have any questions, or need additional help, please contact MTI at (212) 541-4684,