Proceed at Your Own Risk - Free Script Read for DISASTER!

Proceed at Your Own Risk - Free Script Read for DISASTER!

Get Ready for Some Hot Stuff!

This is your chance to bring an absolute disaster to your stage with Seth Rudetsky's hilarious Broadway hit and New York Times Critics' Pick, Disaster! Paying homage to classic disaster films and set to an infectious score of '70s chart-topping hits, Disaster! is the sure-fire hit you and your audiences have been waiting for. From high schools to community theatres, we hope to see stages filled with Disaster! across the country! 

We invite you to read the script for free, listen to the Spotify playlist and watch a video from Seth Rudetsky. Discover why Disaster! is the perfect show to bring to your stage.

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Customer Testimonials

"For my fellow high school theatre directors: DO "DISASTER!" Hysterical, great characters and blend of M/F roles, and absolutely awesome use of music from the period. It's really brilliant and was one of our very biggest hits. Do it! Do it!" - Arthur Almquist, Tucson Magnet High School

“We had a remarkable time staging Disaster! Our entire cast and crew had a blast bringing the Barracuda to life. I know that many of my colleges in the area who came to the production are very interested in producing it in the future. It really is a perfect high school show.” - Allen Young, William Mason High School

"I’ve had a few shows that I have enjoyed more than others. This show has become one of my favorites. It’s well thought out in its construction and in the way it flows. It’s a challenge both for the music and the acting: The kids have been learning a ton about comedy and character as well as the importance of using character and the situation for the comedic effect. They have also learned the importance of both pace and clarity. Since I grew up in the 70’s so it has been fun to present this to my contemporaries. They laugh the most!" - Scott Schauman, Canandaigua Academy High School

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(Teaser and header photos of Disaster! at Tucson Magent High School © Martha Lochert Photography)