The Loose Screw Players Present SWEENEY TODD...Sort Of

The Loose Screw Players Present SWEENEY TODD...Sort Of

The Employees of the Prestigious Paper (and printer) Company Dunder Mifflin Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd...

Andy and his castmates!  Courtesy of

Andy and his castmates! Courtesy of

Last night's episode of NBC's The Office featured an unprecedented performance of Stephen Sondheim's and Hugh Wheeler's SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET.  The episode began with Andy Bernard spontaneously bursting into the opening number of the show, while being joined by his fellow cast members in full costume.  It turns out that Andy and his cast mates are performing SWEENEY at the local community theatre (the Loose Screw Playhouse in Scranton) and this musical stunt is all a part of the viral marketing for the show.  And who better to market to, than your co-workers?  But that's just the beginning, because in addition to the opening, the episode highlights the actual performance, in all it's agonizingly funny (and cringe-inducing) glory.

The episode also provides valuable theatrical advice for both audience members and performers alike.  For example, a  good audience member is someone who is sober and does not heckle the actors, while a good performer is someone who remembers to turn off their cellphone before taking the stage.  But the only way to do this episode justice, is to watch it for yourselves (and then license the rights to perform SWEENEY TODD in your community):

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Andy's Special "Playbill"

AndyCheck out Andy's Official Playbill for the Loose Screw Players' performance of SWEENEY TODD.


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