Video On Demand: Raise funds by Streaming Past Productions

Video On Demand: Raise funds by Streaming Past Productions

Streaming Previously Recorded Performances 
Keep your patrons engaged with our Video On Demand Streaming License. Generate revenue by selling tickets to pre-recorded shows that you upload on the ShowTix4U platform.

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Using Video On Demand

Just like renting a movie to stream at home, our Video On Demand Streaming License lets you upload a previously recorded performance to the platform that your patrons can rent for a fee.

Each time your performance is purchased for rental, your organization gets a portion of the proceeds. You set the pricing!

You decide when you would like the Video On Demand event to start and end (each performance can stay on the platform for up to 12 months).

Audience members have 48 hours to watch your show from the first time they started viewing the content.

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Getting Started with Your License

Check to see if the show you previously produced has a Video On Demand Streaming License available for the new platform. If your show is available for a Vide on Demand Streaming License you will need to re-apply for a Standard Performance License / amend your previous contract and return the Streaming Rights License with your new Production Contract (found under Additional Resources and Materials.)

If you previously purchased a video license for your past production you would like to stream, you will not be charged for a new video license. If you want to upload a past archival show for Video On Demand and a video license was NOT available at the time of your performance, and one is available now, you will be charged for a new video license in addition to a Streaming License and Performance License.

Check out our Virtual Performance Toolkit for a visual breakdown of the different remote/virtual options, a free Remote Performance Guide, and more.

Visit our main Streaming page for more information and FAQs.