Full Billing



You must give the authors/creators billing credits, as specified in the Production Contract, in a conspicuous manner on the first page of credits in all programs and on houseboards, displays and in all other advertising announcements of any kind.
Percentages listed indicate required type size in relation to title size.
Conceived by and with book and lyrics by JULIA JORDAN
Music and Lyrics by JULIANA NASH
The following credits shall be included among designer credits on title page:
"Orchestrations and Vocal Arrangements by Justin Levine"
The following credits shall appear on the bottom of the title page of all programs in a size not less than 15% of the size of the title of the Play:
Originally presented Off-Broadway by
MTC Productions INC., Niclas Nagler, Richard Frankel, Tom Viertel, Steven
Baruch, Marc Routh, Simone Genatt Haft, Susanne Adamski, Scott M. Delman
Originally presented by New York Stage and Film Company and The Powerhouse
Theater at Vassar in July, 2012.
Originally produced in New York City by the Manhattan Theatre Club, Lynne
Meadow, Artistic Director, Barry Grove, Executive Producer on October 31, 2012

Video Warning

If you purchase a separate license to allow non-commercial video recording of this production, you must print the following in your program. ANY VIDEO RECORDING MADE OF THIS PERFORMANCE IS AUTHORIZED FOR PERSONAL, AT-HOME, NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. THE SALE OR DISTRIBUTION OF SUCH RECORDING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED UNDER FEDERAL COPYRIGHT LAW. If you do not purchase the separate license for video recording, you must print the following in your program. The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited