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The Broadway production of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers starred Debbie Boone, a descendant of real life pioneer, Daniel Boone.

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Why MTI?

After creating a show, theatre writers copyright their work--protecting their ownership and enabling only through their representatives (in this case, MTI) to decide who may perform the show, where it may be performed and what license fees will be required. On the authors’ behalf, MTI grants a license to produce the show and collects a fee, known as a "royalty," for all performances. Built into every license is specific language that governs how the copyrighted work may be presented. Our responsibilities include enforcing copyright law as it pertains to live stage performances (prohibiting changes to the script or score, monitoring unlicensed productions, etc.), as well as protecting certain productions from competition in geographical markets (which is why performance rights to a certain show may be unavailable or restricted to your group).



Choose a Show

If you don’t know what show you want to present, MTI can provide you with perusal copies of the libretto/vocal book (of up to three titles) that you may read for three weeks for a nominal shipping and handling fee. You can order perusals by mail, fax or email. You may also order perusals via our website.

Apply for a Performance License

Application for performance must be made in writing before fees can be quoted and a license issued. You may fax or mail either a completed MTI License Application Form (located at the back of the MTI catalogue) or a request on your organization’s letterhead that includes the same information as is found on the license application. You may also apply via our website.

Assuming it is filled out correctly, the processing time for a licensing application can vary from two days to two weeks, depending on the show you picked and certain geographical restrictions. Always obtain written confirmation of availability from MTI before planning a production or announcing a season. Remember: to get the process started more quickly, apply for your license online.

Pay the necessary licensing fees

Once you receive a license, fill it out, sign and return it to MTI with your fees and security deposit. Remember, an MTI performance license offer is only valid for six weeks from the date of issue. To secure the rights outlined in the license, you should return the license, signed and with payment, within the six weeks. If it is not returned as outlined above, show availability and the fees quoted may be withdrawn. If you decide to change the dates or other details of your production, you should notify MTI in writing immediately, since changes can affect the availability and conditions of a license. 

Any presentation of a musical from MTI that takes place in front of an assembly of people (no matter how few) is considered royalty-bearing under the law, whether or not admission is charged. This can include "invited" dress rehearsals, or contest excerpts. A valid performance license and royalty fee is required for all of these performances. If you have any questions whether or not a performance may require a royalty, please ask your MTI licensing representative. The importance of obtaining a license for all royalty-bearing performances cannot be stressed too strongly, as the penalties for violating Federal Copyright Law are severe indeed.

Obtain materials

The materials rented by Music Theatre International are the materials that have been provided by the author(s) of the work and are the ONLY authorized materials for rehearsals or performances. We send you EVERYTHING you need to rehearse and perform the show: librettos (scripts), vocal books, piano-conductor scores, and orchestra parts - no other materials are required. 


MTI Theatrical Resources provide new ways to delight and instruct all who participate in a MTI musical, whether onstage, backstage, or in the audience. MTI Theatrical Resources, designed to alleviate some of the most frequent hurdles encountered during the rehearsal process, include solutions to finding/scheduling a rehearsal pianist, transposing music into appropriate keys, webbing themes from the show throughout the curriculum and finding easy solutions for scenic challenges. An overview of all MTI Theatrical Resources are included in this site.

During rehearsals, you might find that some changes are required to make the show work in your theatre. Whenever you feel the need to make a change, it is important that you contact MTI and make sure that you can get permission to make the change. When you are granted a performance license, by law the show you license must be performed "as is." You should not make any changes unless you have obtained prior written permission from us to do so. Otherwise, any changes violate the authors’ rights under federal copyright law. Contact us - it’s always safest to ask.

Attract an Audience

There are two major ways to get an audience: Print Campaigns or Media Campaigns. MTI is here to help you with both. A Print Campaign may consist of posters, flyers and newspaper advertisements. Here is where a show logo plays an important part. It is the recognizable image that lets your potential audience know about your show. Some theatres have in-house designers who create new artwork for each show. Many groups, however, don’t have access to graphic artists or prefer to use a more recognizable logo to promote their show. For these groups, MTI has obtained the right to license certain original logos for use in conjunction with your production. If you are planning a Media campaign, which might include purchased or donated TV time, in-school cable or a closed circuit TV in your lobby, MTI can help. See the MTI Theatrical Resources section for more details on both MTI Logo Packs and TV Spots.

Have a Great Production!

MTI is proud of the shows in our catalogue and the musical theatre heritage they represent. We love hearing about your successes (and any problems you may have encountered) in presenting an MTI musical. We enjoy getting pictures, posters and programs from your productions and thrive on your feedback. If you have any questions, comments or products you’d like to see developed, drop us a line- we’re here to help you. Please stop by our exhibit at one of the more than two dozen Theatre and Music Conferences MTI attends each year and talk to us in person. Our best ideas have come from our customers.