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Cast Size: Flexible Cast Size
Cast Type: Ensemble Cast
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Adam No-name
A ferociously independent man, living in the Rockies and reveling in the land and solitude. Haunted by the death of his wife and children. Initially guarded and mean, he is able to make a genuine connection with Julie and learn to embrace love again.
Gender: male
Age: 25 to 35
Vocal range top: G#4
Vocal range bottom: A2
Sam Goode
A con-man, who is magisterial and aging. His attempted long con at being a preacher gets to his head. Ends up finding his conscious and becoming kind and caring to those in need.
Gender: male
Age: 40 to 55
Vocal range top: G4
Vocal range bottom: C#3
Red Willie Magaw
Sam's much younger partner-in-crime. He has more reservations about some of their schemes than his partner. Stops at nothing to acquire a large sum, even if it leads to betraying Sam.
Gender: male
Age: 20 to 30
Vocal range top: C5
Vocal range bottom: C3
Leeroy Donivan
A handsome settler from Tennessee, frustrated with work and eventually led to a life of crime. Has an animalistic and violent energy, with a reckless grin, and little care for anyone else.
Gender: male
Age: 19 to 19
Vocal range top: Bb4
Vocal range bottom: E3
Julie Donivan
Leeroy's wife, traveling with him to the Rockies to try and change her husband's ways. Not afraid to speak her mind, and she finds a kinsman and eventual lover in Adam. Her involvement in Leeroy's crimes complicates their relationship.
Gender: female
Age: 18 to 18
Vocal range top: G5
Vocal range bottom: A3
Benjamin Gwinn
Julie's younger brother, traveling west with her and Leeroy. Youthful, energetic, and spirited, his involvement in Leeroy's plans ultimately leads to his death.
Gender: male
Age: 15 to 15
Vocal range top: C#5
Vocal range bottom: F3
Harlin Trimble
The town banker who journeyed west after putting himself in debt from his previous bank. A simple, kind man with strong religious convictions.
Gender: male
Age: 35 to 50
Vocal range top: F4
Vocal range bottom: C3
Cassandra Trimble
Harlin's wife, she serves as a leader for the town functions. Kind, religious, and naive, just like her husband, but can get caught up in the frenzy of celebration.
Gender: female
Age: 30 to 45
Vocal range top: F5
Vocal range bottom: C4
Victoria Trimble
Alexandra Trimble
Thaddeus Crabb
The hard-eyed Town Marshal. Aggressive, stoic, and constantly skeptical.
Gender: male
Age: 35 to 50
Myrtle Crabb
Spencer Trigg
Kirk Murray
Townsfolk (Kirk Murray, Spencer Trigg, Alexandra & Victoria Trimble); Settlers; Shopkeepers; Church Congregation