Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Two versions of this show exist: a complete two-act version and an abridged one-act version. The abridged one-act version contains the same basic structure of the full show with condensed medleys and the removal of a few select songs.

Act One

The show begins with the entire cast inviting its audience to begin a celebration; today is a day to celebrate ("It's Today / Big Time"). We then see a man and woman reading the paper, the headline of which simply states that there is "bad news." The couple reflects on what the world really needs right now ("We Need a Little Christmas"). They are then joined by the rest of the cast, who have a different idea as to what the world needs ("Put on Your Sunday Clothes"). Next, we see a man who has his own way of cheering himself up when he feels down ("A Little More Mascara"). As he finishes turning himself into his alter ego, drag queen Zaza, another man comes on and tells us about the startling revelation that the man in the moon is actually a woman! Zaza effortlessly plays the role ("The Man in the Moon"). Finally prompted by Zaza, the entire cast comes together, declaring the pride of each individual being able to live his or her own life ("I Am What I Am").

It is now time for a look at love over the passage of time, beginning in the romantic spring ("Song on the Sand – Prelude"). The first couple deals with the fact that the male counterpart is not the loving, romantic kind whom he feels the woman deserves ("I Won't Send Roses"). There is then a different woman who declares that this summer, she will be noticed by someone special ("Ribbons down My Back"). Unbeknownst to her, someone has noticed, and when she finally sees him, they come together and dance ("Dancing"). The other two couples join them, but their momentary bliss is interrupted as summer comes and tensions run high ("It Takes a Woman"). The women, angered by their partners' thoughts, decide that it is time to move on ("Wherever He Ain't"). The men, however, will not be phased by their actions and retaliate by looking through their little black book of women ("Hundreds of Girls"). The women have had enough and they deliver the final blow to the men, declaring that they will simply leave ("So Long, Dearie").

As autumn comes, there is a cold distance between the men and the women, as the men begin to realize their errors ("It Takes a Woman – Reprise"). One woman confesses to others what the love that she had meant to her ("And I Was Beautiful"). Another man finally tells the others that they shouldn't wait to make up, because if they let time pass, they may actually lose the ones they love ("Kiss Her Now"). The other members of the group begin to chime in as they see it may be time to put the fights behind them ("And I Was Beautiful / Kiss Her Now – Counterpoint").

Winter is now here, and the couples make up. Beginning to leave, however, it seems as though one pair may never be able to overcome what happened. The man walks away, leaving the woman alone ("Time Heals Everything"). Another woman returns and in an effort to cheer up the lonely woman, she motivates her to try to live life to the fullest ("Before the Parade Passes By"). A man comes in and joins them, emphasizing the effect that one person can have on the whole world ("One Person"). The rest of the cast appears, declaring that it is time to try new things ("Open a New Window"). Finally, they all join together to celebrate life ("Before the Parade Passes By / One Person / Open a New Window – Counterpoint").

Act Two

Act Two begins on a movie soundstage as we are introduced to the world of silent film ("Movies Were Movies"). We are then introduced to the new star, Mabel, and given a brief look at her rise to fame by a cameraman working on the film ("Look What Happened to Mabel"). Mabel makes her entrance, and the crew begins filming ("That's How Young I Feel"). Together, the crew celebrates Mabel's fantastic new career ("Look What Happened to Mabel – Reprise").

We are then introduced to a new pair of movie stars, Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, who begin filming a scene for the movie ("My Best Girl"). Following the scene, Nelson and the crew exit, leaving Jeanette alone and rather exasperated ("Nelson"). The cast returns to sit and watch a movie, all exclaiming how great it is to escape to the movie theatre ("Just Go to the Movies"). As the cast disperses, a man and woman exchange a glance, leaving the man to realize that it doesn't take much to fall in love ("It Only Takes a Moment"). The woman returns – now very pregnant – to comment on how it only takes a moment for accidents to happen, also ("What Do I Do Now? Gooch's Song"). Another man enters, finding a way to cheer her up and help her to forget her troubles ("Tap Your Troubles Away").

We are next introduced to Dolly Levi and Mame Dennis, both entering to a rousing fanfare ("Hello, Dolly! / Mame"). The two women interact, blatantly showing the love-hate relationship that they share ("Bosom Buddies"). After the two women leave, we see a man who has decided that if he has lost his love, he would rather live in his memories than see what the world looks like without love ("I Don't Want to Know"). As he contemplates his memories, the unresolved couple enters reflecting on their own past. The other two couples return, helping to shape these memories, and the pair finally makes up ("Song on the Sand"). There is now peace between the couples, and a woman tenderly comments on the many meanings of the word, "shalom" ("Shalom"). As the cast exits, a man and woman are revealed as she declares that her commitment is long-lasting ("I'll Be Here Tomorrow").

Another woman enters, wondering what would happen if the man she lost came back into her life ("If He Walked into My Life"). A man eventually comes to her and declares that she will have a happy ending ("I Promise You a Happy Ending"). The rest of the cast returns, exclaiming that now is the time to live and celebrate life ("Mame / The Best of Times / It's Today – Reprise").