Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Elephant & Piggie’s “We Are in a Play!” JR. opens with melancholic elephant Gerald frantically searching for his enthusiastic, energetic friend Piggie. As they try and fail to find each other, the Stage Manager announces that the show will begin in five minutes, then notices that the audience is already watching. The Stage Manager calls for places, and Gerald and Piggie find each other onstage (“Lucky To See You”).

Delivery Dog arrives with an invitation for Piggie to a party being thrown by the Squirrelles. Piggie is nervous, but Gerald helps her try several different possible party themes. They settle on “fancy pool costume party,” dress appropriately, and head to the party.

As it turns out, fancy pool costume party is the theme of the Squirrelles’ party! (“Swimmy! Fancy! – Part 1”). Gerald’s mood sours when he struggles with the dance moves. In frustration, he jumps wildly up and down. Gerald’s crazy moves draw the attention of the Squirrelles, who say they want to learn “The Elephant” (“Swimmy! Fancy! – Part 2”).

Having a blast at her first party, Piggie retrieves a trumpet and plays it for the crowd, but the resulting sound is not pleasant. She gradually drives away all the partygoers except Gerald, who gently tells her the music was not good, but Piggie was not trying to play music – she was trying to say, “Thank you” in Elephant! Gerald happily teaches her the proper way to do this.

Piggie tells Gerald she has to go. Desperate to keep her there, Gerald begs her to stay, with the help of the Mice (“Don’t Go – Part 1”). Piggie insists she has to go, and Gerald and the Mice beg the question: Why? (“Don’t Go – Part 2”) Finally, Piggie interrupts. She has to go… to the potty. Embarrassed, Gerald tells her to go ahead. While he waits for her return, the Ice Cream Penguin enters with an ice cream cart, and Gerald decides to buy a cone. Just as he is about to take a big bite out of his treat, a thought occurs to him: he could share the ice cream with Piggie! After much debate and encouragement from the Penguins, he agrees to share (“Ice Cream Hero”). Unfortunately, Gerald’s ice cream has melted. He is defeated… until Piggie returns with an ice cream cone that she shares with him.

Piggie has also returned with a new toy (“Ode To Toy – Part 1”). She is reluctant to share her toy, but she finally agrees to let Gerald see if it is a “throwing toy.” Gerald prepares to throw (“Ode To Toy – Part 2”). The elephant launches the toy into the air, and when it falls, it breaks in two. Piggie is furious (Toy Breaker). However, her mood quickly changes when the Squirrelles make a discovery. Her new toy is a “snap and break toy,” which can easily be put back together. Piggie is embarrassed, but the two friends quickly make up (“Elephant In The Room”).

Gerald and Piggie hug, and Gerald makes a discovery: an audience is watching them! Piggie realizes they must be in a play. The two friends invite the rest of the cast onstage to observe the audience (“We’re In A Play”). After the song, Piggie realizes that, eventually, the play has to end. Gerald has a moment of panic, but Piggie calms him down, reminding him that they will still be friends after the end of the play (“We’ll Be Friends”). The lights gradually fade, and the cast is left in darkness. However, after several of them speak, they all realize they are still onstage, and decide to celebrate their time together (“We’ve Been Lucky”).