Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Act One

Jeremy and Jemima, two children, sneak onstage towards a cloth covered Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, their beloved car. They signal more kids to join them, remove the covering pretend to race the car (“Opening – This Great Car”).  Mr. Coggins approaches and tells the children of the car’s greatness. The Junkman then approaches Mr. Coggins and inquires about excess scrap metal.  The Junkman becomes interested in Chitty, referring to the car as a ‘heap of old iron’.  He offers to buy it, and Mr. Coggins agrees to sell it to him. The kids are outraged. Jeremy and Jemima want their father to buy the car instead. Mr. Coggins tells them that if they can raise an equal amount of money, he will sell the car to them.

The spies, Boris and Goran, appear snickering. They announce that Chitty is the car that the evil Baron Bomburst, their boss, has been looking for. They realize they need to get 30 shillings to purchase it (“Boris & Goran”).

Truly, on her motorbike, nearly crashes into Jeremy and Jemima as they are singing. She swerves to the side, but then her engine stalls and won’t restart. The kids promise their dad can fix the motorbike because he is an inventor. Mr. Potts joins them and Truly calls his career ‘eccentric’.

They all introduce themselves. Jeremy and Jemima inform Truly that their mother has passed away and they are no longer in school. While they are talking Potts fixes the car. Truly warns Potts to watch his children then drives off. Potts claims he does watch his children and the three of them confess their love for their family (“You Two”).

Grandpa then marches up in a Military outfit.  He asks about Potts’ latest invention, a sweet making machine. Potts demonstrates the machine and it produces a sweet. The children then ask their father about Mr. Coggins car, Chitty. They ask their dad to buy it and he says he will try to work something out and leave to wash up for dinner. Potts expresses that he doesn’t know how to get all the money he would need to buy the car. Grandpa listens then goes to eat the sweet. He discovers that his sweet makes a toot sound. Grandpa rejoices that Potts invented something that works.

Potts, Jemima and Jeremy enter into Lord Scrumptious’ Sweet Factory. Miss Phillips scolds the workers of the factory for being late. Potts tries to see Lord Scrumptious, but Miss Phillips explains he needs an appointment. Truly then walks into the lobby of the factory and the children call her name. She asks why they have come and they show her Pott’s new candy, Toot Sweets. They are demonstrating that the candy can make music when Lord Scrumptious enters.  Lord Scrumptious gives Potts 20 seconds to explain his invention, but doesn’t get all the information he needs to out in time. Truly encourages Potts to follow her father. He demonstrates his sweet to him (“Toot Sweets”). The sound of the Toot Sweets calls dogs to the factory. The workers try to protect the candy to avoid contamination.  Lord Scrumptious demands revenge.

Boris and Goran are sitting at home and hear a phone ring. They try to understand where it is coming from. They discover the phone is Goran’s foot. The Baroness and Baron are on the other line. They want Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the car, taken to them in Vulgaria.  The Baroness is trying to get the car for the Baron’s birthday.

Jeremy and Jemima ask their father to sell their treasures, items that Potts claimed had value due to his imagination, so they can have money for the car and for his inventions. Potts explains that others would not be interested in buying their treasures. Potts sings them a lullaby so they can go to sleep (“Hushabye Mountain”)

The family arrives at the Funfair, where Potts is showing off his automatic haircut invention. Potts demonstrates the machines on Sid, a man in the crowd, and the machine cuts off all of his hair. Sid angrily runs after him and Potts tries to escape. Potts ends up in a line of Morris Dancers and joins the dance (“Me Ol’ Bamboo”). After the dance a Turkey Farmer offers to buy Potts hair cutting machine for thirty shillings so he can pluck his turkeys. Potts excitedly accepts.

Jeremy, Jemima and Grandpa are sitting outside Pott’s work shed while Potts has been working on restoring Chitty. Jeremy and Jemima hope their dad will be able to get the car to running so they can travel. The kids ask Grandpa about what it is like to travel. They all daydream (“Posh”). Potts then comes out of the shed and shows the kids the working car! They decide to take the new car and have a picnic by the seaside. Truly walks up to their house and they invite her on their picnic. She notes how unique the car is.

Boris and Goran are hiding behind a bush. They hear grandpa calling himself a genius and assume he was the person who invented the car. The family and Truly then get into the car for their picnic. It makes an unique sound when it runs. It sounds like “Chitty, Chitty, Chitty, Chitty” then it backfires “Bang, Bang”. They happily sing along with the car (“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”).

They arrive at the beach and set up their picnic. The children discuss how much they like Truly while they enjoy their time on the beach (“Truly Scrumptious”).  Truly and Potts watch the sunset. Potts tells Truly that his first name is Caractacus and Truly apologizes for calling him a negligent father.

All of a sudden there is an enormous explosion and both children scream. They realize the tide came in and that the car is surrounded by water. The explosions continue and they realize that it is cannons from a ship with the Vulgar flag that are after Chitty. As the water rises the car becomes a raft. Potts tries to drive away to avoid the ship. They express the significance of the car (“Nautical Reprise”).

Borris tells the Baron and Baroness of Vulgaria that they lost the car because it can float. He explains in the car is Potts, a woman and two children. Baron screams to call the Childcatcher. The Baron demands Boris get the car, and if he can’t, get the Inventor. He assures Boris that, if the children come, the Childcatcher will deal with them.

Potts, Truly, Jeremy & Jemima sing as they head home from their picnic. They see a blimp carrying their Grandpa’s hut with their Grandpa inside. They try to catch up to the hut, but reach a cliff. As it falls, the family is delighted to find that the car can fly (“Finale Act 1”).

- Optional Act Break -

The action begins again in Vulgaria, where the Baron and Baroness are waving to their subjects. They welcome Grandpa, who has been kidnapped and brought there under the assumption that he is a master inventor. He is introduced to another inventor, The Toymaker. He says that the toys would be lovely for the children, but the Baroness is insulted. Children are banished from this kingdom by order of parliament. The Baron demands that Grandpa invent a floating and flying car. Grandpa works on the car as the other inventors, Boris and Goran support him. (The Roses of Success”).

Potts, Jemima, Truly and Jeremy arrive in Vulgaria and discover the Baron took Grandpa because they thought he was Potts. The Toymaker comes out of his shop and instructs Truly and Potts to hide the children. The Childcather enters. He looks for the children. Before he is able to find them, Soldiers walk in and inform them that the car has been found. The soldiers and The Childcatcher then leave to keep looking.

The Toymaker tells Potts of another way to get into the castle and warns Truly and the children to stay in his toyshop. Potts sets off to find his father. Jeremy and Jemima complain to Truly how hungry they are. She goes to the back of the shop to see if she can find food for them. While she is gone, The Childcatcher appears carrying a large net that is decorated like a bag of candy. He is saying that all the sweets he has are free. Jeremy and Jemima can’t help themselves and goes towards The Childcatcher. The offers them candy from the bag, and then flips it over, tearing away the decorative bag and revealing them in his net. Truly comes just in time to see them taken away.

The Toymaker takes Potts to the Children who are hiding because of the country’s law. The Toymaker is bringing them food. Truly catches up and tells Potts that the children have been taken. Potts, Truly, The Toymaker and the children all decide they can work together to break into the castle (“Teamwork”)

The Baron and Baroness are preparing for the Baron’s birthday in the castle. The Baroness is upset because the Baron is more excited for his birthday toys than her. But he assures her of his love (“Chu-Chi Face”).

As the party starts, everyone calls on the Toymaker to present his gift to the Baron. There are two boxes on stage. The Toymaker presents Truly dressed as a doll in a box. When the Toymaker pulls a string she begins to sing. As the Baron approaches Truly, the other box opens to reveal Potts as a rag doll (“Doll On a Music Box”). The Baron is pleased and calls for cake. Potts stops pretending to play the doll and all the children jump out of the cake. The Baroness calls for the Childcatcher. The kids are able to fling the Childcatcher’s net back onto himself.

Grandpa then appears driving Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Jeremy & Jemima in the backseat. The Baron and the Baronness are forced out of the castle. Jeremy and Jemima tell how Chitty saved them. (“Fight & Finale”). Boris and Goran agree to take Grandpa and his hut back via balloon. As the family prepares to leave, Potts gets down on one knee and proposes to Truly. She instantly says yes and they kiss. Potts, Truly, Jeremy and Jemima get in their car and head home.