Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Act One

An ornate stone bench on a dais is situated in the gardens of a castle. The Blue Faun dances through, playing a panpipe. Three good fairies come dancing in: Sybil, Phoebe and Minerva ("Yoo-hoo"). For them, it is lovely to be a fairy ("We Three Fairies").

Phoebe has called them together to relay some good news: The King and Queen, whose castle they have protected for years, have just had a baby girl. The fairies are to convene in this garden for the Christening. They will each give her a gift – Minerva will give her beauty, Sybil will give her song and Phoebe will give her dance. They suddenly realize that they have not accounted for their other sister, Trollarina. She had been locked in a tower but has just escaped. She will throw a tantrum if she is not included. The sisters are about to call her when the King and Queen arrive; it is too late to include Trollarina.

Everyone has gathered, welcoming the King and Queen and their new daughter ("Hail to the King and Queen"). They name the baby Melisande, and all cheer for her. The baby cries, and the Queen soothes her ("Queen's Lullaby"). Trollarina comes storming in. The King and Queen do not know who she is, because she has been locked up for over fifty years. The other fairies introduce her and explain their oversight in not inviting her. She is still fuming mad ("I'm So Mad"). Trollarina pledges her revenge for not being invited. She says that she cursed the son of the King who locked her up, and begins to go into detail but stops herself.

Two of the good fairies give their blessings ("Minerva's Blessing / Sybil's Blessing"). Then, thinking that the evil fairy is also good, the Queen invites Trollarina to give her blessing, as well. She blesses the baby with the gift of spinning but she says that while spinning one day, Melisande will run the spindle into her hand and fall into a sleep from which neither the Queen nor King can wake her. The King and Queen are devastated, but Phoebe reminds them that she hasn't yet given her blessing. While she cannot undo the spell that has been cast, she can add to it. Melisande will sleep for one hundred years, and on the last day of the hundredth year, a prince will awaken her with a kiss. Thinking that he will head it off at the pass, the King banishes all spinning wheels from the kingdom.

Sixteen years go by, and all is well with the Princess ("Time Is Passing By"). Trollarina catches the Blue Faun dancing through the garden. She asks if he remembers who he is or where he came from. He does not. She also asks if he knows that he is under her power. Trollarina runs off, deciding that in honor of her sixteenth birthday, it is time for the Princess to learn to spin. The good fairies gather again in the garden to celebrate the Princess' birthday. The fairies renew their gifts, and Sybil asks Melisande to sing for them. She does and is joined by her parents ("Bell Song"). Phoebe inquires of the king if Trollarina has ever returned. He says that she hasn't and that spinning wheels are still banned. The good fairies feel that all must be well for another year and they leave. The Princess asks her mother if she may stay in the garden and play. The King and Queen have been careful to keep secret the spell that was cast on their daughter. They decide to tell her that very afternoon, since she has now grown old enough. They want to make sure that she is careful to avoid spinning wheels.

Once she is alone, Melisande calls out to the Blue Faun, who appears; they have been friends for many years. She feels sorry for him, that he does not know who he is or from where he comes ("Dance on Little Faun"). The Faun dances away. As Melisande is about to go home, Trollarina confronts the Princess. She carries with her a small spinning wheel. Trollarina tells the Princess that she is a good fairy and sister to the ones she knows. She wishes to teach her to spin, and although the Princess is hesitant at first, she gets drawn in ("Spinning").

As the Princess gets into it, Trollarina forces her hand down onto the spindle. Immediately, the Princess begins to feel sleepy and lies down on the stone bench. After sixteen years, the spell will begin. The Faun dances back in and sees her asleep. He begins to ring the warning bell to alert the King and Queen that something is wrong. The fairies assure the King and Queen that Melisande will wake in one hundred years. The King and Queen cannot imagine her waking to find them gone. They ask that the fairies put them to sleep for a century, as well, so they will all wake together. The fairies grant their wish and surround them with a magical forest that will protect them. Only a brave and noble Prince will be able to penetrate the forest. The Faun dances in and tries to enter the forest... but realizes that he cannot and gives up.

Act Two

The fairies have kept watch over the forest for one hundred years ("Time Is Passing By – Reprise"). Every day, the Blue Faun dances to the forest and bows his head. It is as if he knows what lies within. The fairies realize that they have never heard of a faun living for one hundred years. Perhaps he is a bewitched mortal. They approach him on his next visit and realize that although the Faun cannot speak, he can communicate by using his hands. He tells them that he knows about the Princess and her slumber. He and Melisande were friends for the first sixteen years of her life. They play a game of charades with him to find out more. Through the game, they find out that he does not know his true identity or origin; he only knows that he is under a spell that Trollarina cast on him. The fairies tell him that he should spy on Trollarina to see if he might find out what the spell is, so that they can help him ("It's Lovely to Be a Fairy – Reprise").

Trollarina, meanwhile, is wandering around putting up detour signs to waylay any potential princes. It is the last day of the spell, and if no prince finds her, then they will sleep for eternity. Trollarina is in a particularly evil mood and enjoying it ("It's Lovely to Be a Troll"). When she sees the Faun, she decides to tell him who he is... the Prince of the King who kept her in a tower all of those years ago. She will not tell him what sort of spell he is under but she does warn that if the spell is ever broken, she will lose all of her powers. She exits, delighted with herself ("It's Lovely to Be a Troll – Reprise").

The sisters have gathered; it is nearing midnight. They part the trees to take one last look at the Princess. The Faun joins them and signs that he wishes to kiss her goodbye. The sisters, not knowing anything, allow him access to the sleeping Princess. He kisses her, and she suddenly awakens. He begins to tremble and shake, then runs off. As soon as they all wake, a Prince enters. He is the Faun, and he and the Princess played together every day. He asks her to marry him ("Dance on Little Faun – Reprise"). Without knowing it, he broke the spell through love. Trollarina is heard approaching, and they all decide to hide to see her reaction. She frantically looks everywhere unable to find the sleeping Princess; she cannot imagine what has happened, when her sisters surprise her. She realizes what has happened and that she has no powers. As extra punishment, the sisters decide to put her to sleep for one hundred years. Melisande is compassionate and pleads with them not to punish her more, as she has already lost all of her powers. They wake her up and tell her that she now must learn to be a good fairy ("Act II – Finale").