Questions for Disney's Mulan JR.

what is the role of cricket?

April 23, 2017
It seemss like some productions include the cricket and some don't. Assuming it is included, what kind of role is it?

Are their any licensed orchestral arrangements available to purchase for Mulan Jr.?

September 14, 2016
I have a Junior High Orchestra and we would like to play the Finale to Mulan Jr. as a part of our Spring production of this show.

Music Support

July 20, 2016
Since there's no Sinfonia accompaniment for this show, what do you use to fill in the instrument gaps? I've seen Youtube videos of Mulan Jr. that seem to use a recording or Sinfonia-like features instead of orchestras, but can't figure out how to obtain this.


July 29, 2013
is it only kids that can perform in Mulan Jr?

Mulan and/or Once on this Island Junior

February 13, 2013
Has anyone done the junior versions of Mulan or Once on this Island? We are running out of junior shows to do, and these are two we haven't done yet. I have some concerns about both. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Mulan Poster Artwork

February 11, 2013
I am looking for any electronic artwork(eps, InDesign, PDF,TIFF, JPG) that I can use for creating a advertising poster for Mulan Jr. I would particularly like to get hold of the vector artwork for the Mulan Jr. Logo. Does anyone have any they can send to me?Thank you in advance.

Mulan Jr avalanche and Mushu fire

February 2, 2012
Does anyone have any different ideas on how to stage the avalanche and Mushu's breathing fire ? Thinking of using big white sheets for the snow as well as white ribbons on sticks. Also thinking red Chinese yo yo's and ribbons for Mushu's firey breath. Other ideas?

I've directed a dozen MTI shows (by March 2010)

November 30, 2009
Tell me about doing Mulan with an all white cast and community?