Questions for Little Women

Using "Some Things Are Meant to Be" For Elementary Show

Hi! I am wondering about copyright, etc for solely wanting to play "Some Things Are Meant to Be" for our elementary school one act. Do I need to purchase this, or can I just need to purchase the sheet music? Thank you!

Go fly a kite??

February 26, 2014
I'm working on blocking the beach scene I can not find any reasources online on how to fly the kite on stage. Any help would be appreciated!

Little Women Question

Any suggestions of how to "shorten Jo's hair" for the scene where she sells her hair in "Little Women"?

expanding roles?

December 1, 2009
I need ideas about how to expand the roles in Little Women ? What do the trolls and monks do and an I sell it to the teenagers who do not get leads?

Help me expand roles in the musical Little Women

November 30, 2009
I am directing Little Women this Spring. I know it says that you can have as many as 40 in the cast but I am not sure I can get the teenagers psyched about being Monks and Trolls- help please? any suggestions appreciated.