Questions for Godspell 2012

Disaster- Godspell 2012 Revival

March 2, 2016
I don't know how to explain it to the cast. They are always off key especially Judas/John the Baptist and all the guys and the girl who sings day by day sounds like she falling out of a chair. What do we do. Next week is tech week. They won't believe me unless it comes out of your mouth. I have a toned ear, everyone knows that. I don't get why they don't trust me. I need help.

Godspell instrumentation

April 8, 2014
All of the recordings that I have heard or productions that I have seen of "Godspell" employ a piano, but I don't find Piano listed in the instrumentation for either the original or the 2012 update (although that one does list a keyboard/guitar #3 book). Will I receive a piano book with my instrumental books?

Godspell 2012

January 26, 2014
Is there a Rehearsal CD which can be used? I'd like to have the ability for the students to learn their parts on their own when necessary.


June 27, 2009
My group is doing Godspell in October. This time I decided to go out for the show and made the main cast, so as a person who normally does the lights, video work, special effects and helps develop sets, I'm trying to get alot of things done early since I will have songs and a script to learn. So with that I have a question that is a little more on the tech and special effects side of things.For the beginning of show I want to create what looks like something crashing into the back of the stage, we have a huge screen that comes down behind the stage. Well, at impact, not only do I want the video to have the effect of smoke, which is not an issue, but I want a good size puff of smoke to come off the back of the stage and maybe a few pieces of paper to look like it damaged something, just for effect. As a group we have 2 smoke machines, but they don't throw smoke fast enough to create this effect and make it look right. We don't have a whole lot of room to work with, the stage is only 16' by 16' and don't want to spend a fortune on something. We also couldn't really use pirotechnics, too close to the audience and during Halloween, while doing a Haunted theatre, in this theatre, our smoke machines set the fire alarm off. I am open to any ideas, whether it just be ideas that you thought of or already proven ideas that you may have done once before.Thanks for all the help.