Jungle vines and props for Tarzan®

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March 15, 2013
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I'm producting Tarzan here in Eugene, Oregon in April. I am in need of a ton of realistic fauna, vines etc. We have a very intimate theatre, and so with audience being so close, we need to have fairly realistic ferns etc.Buying a ton of this stuff new is expensive. Anyone have any I could rent or purchase from you?Steve
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August 13, 2017

Steve,  Do you have anything left over from your production (yes, a long shot)?  We are doing Tarzan in Florence,OR in April, 2018, and I would love to buy any "vines" you have lying about.  Thank you...

Melanie Heard, Artistic Director



April 8, 2013
Logan, We wound up making over 700 ft of vines that we hung throughout the theatre turning the whole space into a jungle. Took HOURS upon HOURS but they look really AMAZING! Basically cheep twine, wrapped in two layers of brown paper bag material. Soaked into a glue, goopy mixture and then dried. Then we painted the vines. Then finally we hot glued a ton of green folliage ie. ivy, ferns etc. After about 9 hours on the genie lift... instant jungle. I'll probably be looking to seel our vines as well. Just the green folliage we bought came to $600 so hopefully somebody will be interested in those.

March 18, 2013
Thanks for your reply Logan! We're using a local greenhouse for our lobby display and the commercial shoot we're doing. I'll check out the Hobby Lobby. We're creating an entire jungle throughout the auditorium with hanging vines, creeping ivy etc. throughout the space and up into the balcony. If I could just robe a Rain Forest Cafe, we'd be in business!

March 16, 2013
What our theatre occasionally does for pageants and other events is borrow or rent some from a local flower shop or greenhouse and offer complimentary ad space in the program. Obviously upkeep of the ferns would be necessary. We typically take them outside between performances and water them. If you'd prefer fake plants and live close to a Hobby Lobby you can often find the plants 50% off every few weeks and online there's a coupon for an additional 40% off. Best wishes on your show... our Tarzan opens April 25th!