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We have everything you need for your production of Newsies, including custom built costumes for "Medda" and "Katherine Plumber."  We have 12 "Bowery Girl" costumes that are universally becoming and can fit a generous range of sizes. We have vintage wool caps, knickers, vests, and shirts in all sizes, shapes and for children as young as 8.  Visit us at to see our full range of Newsies costumes and more! We have vintage cutaway ensembles for "Pulitzer", "Bunsen", "Seitz" and of course "Roosevelt".  There are custom built period suits for "Darcey" and "Bill". We have vintage bowler hats, dark vest and pant ensembles for the "Delancey" brothers and Wiesel.  Contact us at for special non-profit pricing and additional discounts for large orders.  If you love a costume, but it isn't the right size, we can build a new costume!