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Dear Theatre Producer/Director:

Are you stuck with producing your elementary or middle school production on a limited budget? Don’t go crazy building or searching for production materials any longer.

We would like to invite you to rent or purchase scenery, costumes and props for your production! Budgets have always been a problem when mounting a big musical and our prices are very reasonable. Many schools, colleges, community and regional theaters across the United States have rented from us.

For your production, we can offer you a package including full sets, full props and full costumes. If you like, you can visit our website (kjkproductions.org) for our plots and some pictures of our offerings. We have costumed and supplied sets/props for many drama presentations.

You may also rent just costumes, or just sets & props for a lower cost!

Our storage warehouse is located in Westchester County, New York. We are one hour north of New York City. Give us an email at info@kjkproductions.org.


Kevin J. Kearins

KJK Productions