Beauty and the Beast

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  • Gaston Tavern Sign / Beauty and the Beast Foam Crest
  • Belle's Cottage Set Piece Beauty and the Beast
  • Beauty and the Beast / Beast Mask
  • Beauty and the Beast Costumes

Beauty and the Beast / Set and Costume Items

Foam signs for Beauty and the Beast: Tavern and Faux Marble slab with Crest / $25 each

*Georgia / Pick-up ONLY  [Athens, Georgia area / Oconee County] 

Belle's Cottage / Foam and Cardboard / mounted on a rolling skate / 3-sided details / $100

  *Georgia / Pick-up ONLY  [Athens, Georgia area / Oconee County] 

Beast Mask / Full head with hair, horns, and beard / with open mouth / $100 [$380 new] 

   *Shipping available

Be Our Guest Silverware Costumes: 6 Spoons / 6 Forks / 5 Knives / Spatula / $10 each

   *Shipping Available

Cogsworth Costume: 4 sided with detached/attached golden key and matching brown and gold hat / $30

  *pickup only

Madame Wardrobe: 4 sided chest of drawers with 3 working drawers / $25

 *pickup only