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We are a non-profit located in Los Angeles, CA and are willing to work with all budgets. Due to rising transportation costs we can no longer ship costumes cost effectively out of the state of California. For an optional extra fee we can deliver and pick up items within a 20 mile radius of Pomona, CA. Here is a SHORT list of the items we have for rent for Egyptian themed shows. We usually rent in two week blocks and ask $75-$150 for leads and $15-$30 for minor characters. Props are $5-$40, sets $100-$300. To get the best price possible please email a detailed list of items you need. 

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Contact Kristina Keener Ivy for more details (amounts and sizes) at 626-675-4439 or


Full tracks for "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" are available for digital download for $300 



Egyptian archway/gate of Karnack (approximately 8’ long x 2’ wide x 10’ high, comes apart in three pieces for transport)

Farm fence (one side brown, one side black) 

3 Sets of Jail Bars (8’ long x 8’ high, must be hung from fly rails)

Pyramid is no longer available



Joseph's Coat torn & regular – we have two versions see photos

Joseph’s Costumes – white robe outfit, Potiphar servant outfit, boxer, Egyptian and Egyptian Royal, Joseph's Megamix light up jacket (AA batteries not included)

1 Potiphar as Mr. Monopoly-size AL (hat, black jacket, red bow tie, gray pants, white shirt – mustache not included)

1 Potiphar's wife with one money wigs- size AM

4 Potiphar’s Wife’s Dancers – red flapper dresses & money wigs

4 Narrator Costumes: white robes

30+ Egyptian costumes

12 Little sheep costumes

15+ Various wife costumes

15+ One More Angel Country Dresses

10 Egyptian guards (black robe, gold belt, gold hat)

10+ Ishmaelite biker gang costumes (biker vests, wigs & beards)
1 Small child as "the goat" costume
1 Pharaoh Elvis Jumpsuit & black pharaoh robe

12 Brother costumes (pants, shirts, hats)

15+ Potiphar's Attendants (white chef jackets, gold poof pants & hats)

15+ Dream Dancer Costumes

15+ Cheerleader & Basketball Player Costumes for Go, Go, Joseph

1 Baker Costume (Pharaoh’s Kitchen embroidered on the jacket)

1 Butler



Brothers' "Hi My Name Is" signs


Potiphar Table with gold table cloth

Potiphar red chair



Burlap Bags
Fruit Hats
Get out of jail free card


Candle lights

Ribbon sticks


Formal bench

Cowboy Hats

French beret hats


If you need something not on this list, just ask, we may have it!

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