All Together Now! Around The World

All Together Now! Around The World

MTI's All Together Now! was designed as a fundraiser for local theatres to perform live, over the same four-days November 12 - 15, 2021. The past year-and-a-half has been extremely challenging for theatrical organizations and MTI offered this exclusive musical revue as a way to support the thousands of theatres who are persevering under trying circumstances.

Over 2,000 organizations from all 50 states and 31 countries participated in the event over the November weekend. Nearly 5,000 individual performances were seen by approximately 500,000 audience members and raised over 6.2 million dollars (adjusted for local currencies) used in support of the producing organizations*.

Head around the world with a few participants from this fabulous celebration...

Luitingh Alexander Musical Theatre Academy (Cape Town, South Africa)


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"We truly did feel All Together Now … and forever, united in our love of the performing arts. What a community to be a part of! Thank you to the audiences who came to support the production. Bringing theatre back is as much about audiences as it is about shows. Theatres need audiences and we appreciate your support."

Hiram High School (Paulding County, GA)


“When the revue was announced, we immediately planned to include it in our season! It gives our diverse cast and crew the opportunity to perform numbers from so many iconic shows... Musical theatre, especially in high school, is simply magical. It’s where big dreams are born! These students have persevered to keep our musical theatre program alive through COVID-19, and we are so excited to provide them with this opportunity. It means the world to our students and community to be back on stage together again!”

All Together Now! Brazil (São Paulo, Brazil)


"We would like to thank MTI for making this incredible worldwide event happen in order to celebrate the return of musical theatre. We are looking forward to new partnerships!"

Play-by-Play Theatre (Green Bay, WI)

For their production of All Together Now!, Play-by-Play Theatre teamed up with three local theatres: Theatre Z, Green Bay Community Theatre, and Evergreen Productions. It was truly a community event. 

"It has been a treat to be "all together now" in every sense of the phrase. To have a group of people working on this show -- from professionals to students to people who haven't done a musical in years -- who truly just want to be together and perform and support their community is all we could ask for and we are all beyond fortunate."

Double A Productions (Barcelona, Spain)

"Thank you to MTI for this wonderful opportunity and to our entire hard working cast and crew for making this production so special!"

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