This Is It: The Story of My Life Gains New Life in Chicago!

This Is It: The Story of My Life Gains New Life in Chicago!

By Kaitlin Davis on December 02, 2010
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We can all recall our childhood best friend-- the inside jokes, the annual traditions, the adventures, the excitement, the tender memories. THE STORY OF MY LIFE is a lovely and poignant musical from Neil Bertram and Brian Hill that dives headfirst into one such life-altering relationship.

THE STORY OF MY LIFE tells the story of two childhood friends and how their friendship profoundly defined their lives. Thomas Weaver is a best-selling, award-winning author. Alvin Kelby was his best friend for thirty years. But time can test the bonds of friendship, and when it does, Thomas calls on the only resource he has - his stories of Alvin - to learn where things went wrong. A richly melodic musical, THE STORY OF MY LIFE is a soaring tribute to the power of friendship and the people who change our lives forever.

The show, which premiered on Broadway in 2009, has frequently been acknowledged as one of the most under-appreciated darlings of the last few years.Thankfully, the show has found new life in a production presented by theater group Chicago Muse.
The reviews of the production have been stunning and reflect the intimacy that colors the show:

Tom Williams, of, said, "Don't miss this beautiful tribute to true friendship. It'll renew your faith in humanity."

In another review, Michael Kuchwara of The Associated Press said the following, "The Story of My Life is a heartfelt little musical that has the courage of its sweet-tempered, low-key convictions. These days, that's a novelty. In a Broadway world of big musicals determined to sell themselves, this gentle new show celebrates softly but with an emotional pull that slowly wins you over."

The production runs at the Victory Gardens Biograph Theater now until January 2. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Chicago Muse website by clicking here.
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