Stuart J. Murphy

Stuart J. Murphy

Stuart J. Murphy is the author of the award-winning MathStart series: 63 books that teach mathematical concepts to young children through a combination of stories and visual learning strategies (HarperCollins).

There are 21 titles in each of three levels for children ages Pre-K through Grade 4, with stories covering everything from counting, doubling numbers and matching, to timelines, area, and percentage. Each book includes a special section of related activities designed to help teachers and parents help their children by extending the learning beyond the stories. ("Twenty Years of MathStart: Visual Learning, Stories, Musica and More!")

Stuart has also been part of authorship teams for a well over a dozen major textbook programs.

His latest series also combines stories and visual learning strategies to teach important life skills. Told through the experiences of the children at Ready Set Pre-K, Stuart J. Murphy's I See I Learn books cover four domains: social, emotional, health and safety, and cognitive skills (Charlesbridge). . When they are a little older, Freda, Percy, Emma, Ajay, Camille and Carlos are sure to join The Main Street Kids' Club!

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