Production Resources

Production Resources

No matter where you are on your theatrical journey, our innovative production resources will enhance your show experience. From marketing and ticket sales to rehearsals and performances – if you have the need, we have the solution.

Production Resources


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Audrey II Puppets

Feed your need for Audrey II plants with our professionally designed puppets. 

Avenue Q Puppets

Rehearse and perform with your complete set of character puppets.

Customizable Show Posters and Artwork

Customize an official MTI poster, social media graphics and more. No design skills needed!

Director's and Choreographic Guides

Replicate the direction and choreography created by Broadway professionals.

Full Reference Score

See the entire orchestration on one page.

Keyboard Patch Solutions™

Play those hard-to-find Keyboard/Synthesizer sounds with specially created patches integral to the orchestration. 

Logo Pack

Promote your show with the officially licensed logo.

Logo T-Shirts

Show your pride with t-shirts featuring your musical’s official logo.


Play your show’s full score by adding in your orchestra’s missing instruments.

Performance Accompaniment CD

Perform an entire musical with a pre-recorded score created by a full orchestra of professional musicians.

Production Slides

Create a dynamic scenic environment with digital backdrops.

Reference Recording

Listen to a cast or demo recording before licensing your next musical.


Run rehearsals with a virtual accompanist that plays every note of your show’s score.


Manage ticket sales online and maximize your box office. 

Sounds Effects CD

Enhance your production with show-specific audio effects.

Stage Manager Script

Facilitate cueing, blocking and all of your production needs with this customizable copy of the libretto. 

Study Guide

Facilitate cross-curricular learning in class with lessons created by educational theatre experts.


Change the key of any song and optimize your performer’s vocal range.

Video License

Legally capture your production on video with this special license available for select shows.

Virtual Stage Management

Manage every detail of your production by sending instant updates to your cast and crew.

Questions & Answers

April 27, 2017
Logos not in CD?
Hello, I would like to design the poster for our school play. Our school purchased the JR package. We have the CD but in the publicity folder, we were directed to this website. The Little Mermaid JR is the kit we have. I'd like to access the proper files to use for our school play. Thank you
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April 21, 2017
Who voices Arthur in the accompaniment cd?
Ever since I was in this play ( 6th grade year 2011) I have been searching for him. I was surprised of what a gorgeous voice he has. I would love to know what he looks like and who he is I need to know, I even wrote him a letter so I I could send it to him if I ever met him♥ he was my crush back then haha
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This question has no answers
April 17, 2017
Again: Trigger Sequence in Raise the Roof dance, is obviously rhythmic sequenced drums, as slightly indicated in the Piano Conductor, but since there is no Keyboard Solutions for Wild Party, and the sequence is not in the key2 nor drums, how to create?
I thought this would be clear when we rented the patches, BUT YOU DON"T RENT THE PATCHES!! Is this now just made up by the drummer, or do I have to create the drum sequencer sounds. If so, I wish it was notated clearer in my parts or one of the books what the sequence actually is. How to proceed? (We open this Friday (5 days).)
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This question has no answers
April 05, 2017
can I use the Lion King Kids poster for the program cover?
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March 25, 2017
Do you recommend a particular program for use with the accompaniment CD?
We are performing Beauty and the Beast JR and have been using iTunes so far, but it seems to be very limited as far as options go.
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March 23, 2017
how to purchase student books
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March 21, 2017
My name is Ann Cook. I am teaching a youth theater program for our town. We are looking to do a review that will include hard knock life and two songs from newsies and a few lines from the show. do we need to buy rights?
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March 16, 2017
How do you turn up the volume?
I'm using RehearseScore for Into the Woods, and it does not produce enough sound on my MacBook Pro when my volume is up completely. I don't see anything in any of the drop down menus related to volume.
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March 14, 2017
Do I need to use the approved Les Mis school version logo, or can I submit a logo for review?
I work with schools that do very stylized posters more customized to their season. Would I be able to submit original artwork for review to obtain permission?
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March 12, 2017
When I click on cast info. for young Frankenstein, I do not get the cast list and character breakdown
This would be helpful in making my decision as to play selection
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