Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"A fresh twist on a classic tale."
– Chicago Tribune

"The classic Three Little Pigs gets a fun, jazzy, musical reenactment when Emerald City brings it to the Apollo Theater stage."
– Danielle Braff, Chicago Parent

"This lively and funny version of the children's classic bedtime story is from the same team behind the Broadway production of Mary Poppins. The performances are engaging and – much to my pleasant surprise – the story has not been simplified nor does the script talk down to the audience."
– Kat Hey, Chicago Theater Beat

"It has [Stiles and Drewe's] stamp all over it whilst still creating something completely original."
– BroadwayWorld

"The Three Little Pigs is a frivolous fairytale frolic, full of catchy songs and silly charm."
– The Public Reviews