Archy & Mehitabel

Archy & Mehitabel

Book by  Joe Darion and Mel Brooks
Music by  George Kleinsinger
Lyrics by  Joe Darion
Based on the stories of Don Marquis

2 Acts, Book Musical, Rated PG
Original Broadway Version

A beguiling, modern-day fable about a cat and a cockroach is full of wit, wisdom and the unexpected.

Featuring a book by Joe Darion and comic legend Mel Brooks and a "cool" jazz score which remains one of the only examples of this genre in the commercial theatre, Archy & Mehitabel is one of the most daring musicals of its time. This off-beat musical has appeared in almost every form including a record, a concert, a Broadway musical, a television special and eventually a film.

In a deserted office, a cockroach dives headfirst onto the keys of a typewriter, pouring out the ruminations of his soul. It's "archy" (he's too small to hold down the shift key), poet, philosopher, moralist and futile worshipper of "mehitabel," the alley cat. This bizarre, highly original musical takes us into the streets of the big city as archy tries hopelessly to bring the "toujours gai" mehitabel off the back fence and into a respectable home as a housecat.

Versatile actors play the various urbane, non-human city dwellers we encounter along the way, suggesting their animal characteristics without explicit costumes. Designers will have a field day with the unit set of oversized props and set pieces. A true gem of the golden age, Archy & Mehitabel is a show not to be overlooked.

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