Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tales

Book by  Martin Starkie and Nevill Coghill
Music by  Richard Hill and John Hawkins
Lyrics by  Nevill Coghill
Based on a translation from Geoffrey Chaucer by Nevill Coghill

Two Acts, Book Musical, Rated PG
Original Broadway Version

Chaucer's battle of the sexes is brought to life in this bawdy and romantic adaptation.

The universal, age-old battle between the sexes roars to musical life in CANTERBURY TALES, a rollicking adaptation of the lusty treatise on human nature and sexual politics that has illuminated scholars for hundreds of years. With its lilting score and colorful cast of characters, Chaucer's most well known collections of stories comes to life in this rapturously entertaining retelling.

Led by their boisterous Host, a group of English commoners on their Spring pilgrimage to Canterbury share various stories of love and lust in an attempt to conclude whether it is man or woman who is the greater gender in relationships. The Miller, The Steward, The Wife of Bath, and others all have tales to tell. Be it theft, infidelity, or inexplicable blindness, they all come to beautiful life as each individual weaves their narrative. 

Its libretto leaves not a single moment without motion, and coupled with its incredibly catchy score, audiences are constantly entertained by CANTERBURY TALES. In the hands of a talented creative team, this musical offers limitless potential for true artistry when it comes to scenic design and prop use. The musical is an equal joy to perform, watch, and produce.

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