I Do! I Do!

I Do! I Do!

Book by  Tom Jones
Music by  Harvey Schmidt
Lyrics by  Tom Jones
Based on The Fourposter by Jan de Hartog

2 Acts, Book Musical, Rated PG
Revised Version (2010)

This intimate musical follows one couple through fifty years of love, quarrels and marriage.

The story of a marriage is at the center of I Do! I Do! - an intimate and nostalgic work by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones (The Fantasticks). Written as a star vehicle for theater legends Mary Martin and Robert Preston, the original Broadway production received seven TONY Award nominations.

The show begins with Michael and Agnes on their wedding day. Their vows behind them, they look forward to spending the rest of their lives together. We watch as they go through their wedding night jitters, raise a family, and negotiate mid-life crises. Michael eventually admits to his infidelity, and although Agnes is angered by his actions, she forgives him and the couple reconciles. They re-discover how much they really need each other. Then, after 50 years of marriage, the couple leaves their house to the next pair of newlyweds.

This touching story of two soul mates navigating the perils of life is set to a tuneful, charming score. With minimal set and costume requirements, I Do! I Do! is ideal for regional theatre companies with smaller troupes on a limited budget.

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Melodies from ALL IN LOVE (composer Jacques Urbont) were occasionally used as background music on the hit TV series, “Mission: Impossible.”

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